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Students in the Art Shop using equipment

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Art shop

Art Shop is located in the 3D Annex, Rm 108

3D Print lab, Rm 108B

We are here to support the students, faculty, and staff in the School of Art. The Art Shop provides safety training and demonstrations several times throughout the semester for classes and individual students. Many students in the program receive their initial training through Painting I and 3D Design courses.

During all open hours, there is always a technician on duty to mentor students and help maintain and supervise the shop. The Art Shop offers a popular tool check out system for students, provided that the tools are approved and signed out. 

The Art Shop also has an easy to access loading area for students to drop off or pick up their work or materials.

Students must complete the Shop Safety training and consult with the Art Shop technician before working in the shop or checking out approved tools.




8-11am (Nathalie)

12-5pm (Nathalie)

5:30-9:30pm (Hunter)


8-11am (Nathalie)

12-5pm (Nathalie)

6-9pm (Kahsandra)


8-11am (Nathalie)

12-5pm (Nathalie)

4-8pm (Kahsandra)

5:30-9:30pm (Hunter)


8-11am (Nathalie)

12-5pm (Nathalie)

6-9pm (Kahsandra)


8-11am (Nathalie)

12-5pm (Nathalie)

3-8pm (Madison)

3-5pm (Hunter)




1-6pm (Madison)

*NO Friday evening hours once a month for FFAT.

*Any changes to the schedule will be written on the white board.

shop Highlights

The Art Shop caters to students from all concentrations within the School of Art and houses a wide variety of tools and machinery, including digital fabrication. Here students can build their technical and problem-solving skills to guide their artistic research. Students are highly encouraged to take advantage of the shop space and varied equipment to complete their work.


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  • 2 SawStop cabinet table saws
  • 1 Milwaukee panel saw
  • 3 Delta 14” band saws
  • 1 Powermatic 24” bandsaw
  • 1 Bosch sliding compound miter saw
  • 1 Hitatchi miter saw 
  • 1 Powermatic drill press
  • 1 Delta drill press
  • 1 Delta 8” jointer 
  • 1 Grizzly 24” industrial planer
  • 1 Shop Pro 25 performax drum sander
  • 2 spindle sanders
  • 2 Delta combo belt/disc sanders
  • 2 wood lathes (Delta/Powermatic)
  • 1 mini lathe (Excelsior)
  • 1 table router
  • 2 scroll saws
  • 2 Skilsaws (flooring)
  • Laser cutter: Boss Laser LS2436 
  • Laser cutter: Boss Laser LS1420 
  • CNC machine: ShopBot PRS Standard 24” x 48”

And various other handheld tools – routers, planers, chisels, electric sanders (palm, orbital, belt), biscuit joiner, Sawzall, etc.


Inside Art Shop - in Rm 108B

  • Prusa SL1S (x2) Resin 3D printers

  • Prusa CW1S - Cure and wash station

  • Prusa MK3+ (x2) Filament 3D printers

  • Prusa Mini filament 3D printer 

  • Form Labs Form 3L Resin 3D printer 

Nathalie Lawrence


Contact the Technician

Nathalie Lawrence
Art Shop Technician