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Graduate Apply Now

The School of Art offers the Master of Arts (MA) degree in Art History; the Master of Art Education (MAE) degree; the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in studio art; a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Fine Arts (FADP); and a graduate certificate in Art History, Criticism, and Theory.

about the Application process

For first priority consideration for financial support, including Teaching Assistantships the deadlines to apply through the Graduate School are as follows:

  • January 15 for entry into the Fall semester
  • October 15 for entry into the Spring semester*

*Note: there is less of a possibility of receiving financial support. 

As applications are competitive, we encourage you to apply by the above dates.

For second priority consideration for financial support, including Teaching Assistantships, or if you do not need financial assistance, feel free to apply after the above dates. We typically stop considering applications up to about a month before the semester begins.

how to Apply

For specific requirements on the application process, go to the link for your program listed under the Programs menu above and view the guidelines for your specific area of interest.  You may also contact the program coordinator of your area listed below.

All applications international and domestic go through the Graduate School application portal.

MFA Studio Art: Cody Arnall, MFA
MA Art History: Dr. Kevin Chua
Interdisciplinary PhD in Fine Arts: Dr. Kevin Chua
Master of Art Education: Dr. Rina Little

Patricia A. Earl


Contact the Advisor

Patricia A. Earl
Senior Academic Advisor