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The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Art with a concentration in Art History (Art History) at Texas Tech University opens the door to a variety of academic and professional career paths by providing a strong foundation in visual literacy, cultural awareness, communication skills, and art-historical research. Our graduates have gone on to succeed in graduate school, and find work in affiliated fields such as curatorship, museum sciences, and arts advocacy. As an Art History degree trains one to think critically and write cogently, our undergraduates have gone on to graduate programs not just in Art History but in Law and History.

As specialists in Medieval and Renaissance art, Indigenous Arts and Art of the Americas, 18th- and 19th-century European and Southeast Asian art, and Modern and Contemporary art, our faculty teach a wide variety of courses ranging from “Black Atlantic: Art and Empire in France and England, 1650-1850” to “Borderlands: Art in the Missions in New Spain,” from “Medieval Monsters” to “Animation and Modern and Contemporary Art.”

At Texas Tech, our Art History faculty pride themselves on working closely with our students. Students are mentored and supervised on all argument-based research projects, and guided towards the public presentation of these papers. To supplement class-based instruction, the Art History area offers opportunities that enhance the experience of art: from providing access to art objects and manuscript facsimiles in the TTU Museum's art collection, the Southwest Collection, and the Landmark Arts Gallery, to inviting guest speakers, to facilitating study abroad programs and research trips, as well as offering pre-professional activities such as museum internships (see below), community workshops in animation, and curatorial opportunities. 

Program Highlights

Beyond serving the needs of our undergraduate Art History majors and minors, the area's Art History Survey courses (Survey 1 & 2) form part of the undergraduate Art Foundations program, which satisfy the Visual & Performing Arts requirement of the University Core Curriculum.




Art History students have the opportunity to intern at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts (LHUCA), one of the premier institutions in Texas dedicated to contemporary visual and performing arts, or a local or regional venue of their choice. Intended as professional practice for Art History undergraduates, students undertake 90 hours of field work over the course of a semester (currently LHUCA has capacity for one undergraduate per semester). At LHUCA, students select the “education” or “exhibition” path, and course material may vary depending on the institution. This for-credit internship is a great way to learn about careers in the arts while working toward one's degree.

Please reach out to either Dr. Jorgelina Orfila or Dr. Theresa Flanigan with any questions or to receive an application form.

Undergraduate Certificate in Animation Studies

The Art history faculty participates in this unique transdisciplinary certificate. Students explore the intersections between animation and modern and contemporary art history, theater, and music before embarking in the creation of their own one-minute stop-motion animation.

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Undergraduate Certificate in Animation Studies  









Students working toward an Art History minor must complete a minimum of 18 hours, including Art History Survey I – ARTH 1301;   Art History II – ARTH 2302;   and  Art History Survey III – ARTH 3303.  The remaining 9 hours must be chosen from the Art History courses offered at the 3000 and 4000 level. Courses taken to fulfill any requirement for a student's major may not be used as part of the requirements for a minor in Art History.  These courses may serve, however, to fulfill prerequisites for upper-level courses.  Students may transfer up to 12 hours of approved art courses from another institution for credit toward an Art History minor, however 9 hours at the Junior/Senior level must be taken in residence at Texas Tech University.  Students must follow all prerequisites as they are listed for each course in the University Catalog.



Klinton Burgio-Ericson

Klinton Burgio-Ericson, PhD
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Kevin Chua, PhD
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Theresa Flanigan

Theresa Flanigan, PhD
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Jorgelina Orfila, PhD
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Pegah Abedi, M.A.


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Pegah Abedi, M.A.
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