Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University School of Art Safety Training

The School of Art endeavors to create a safe, healthy environment for all to work in so that they can have a long and productive creative life. The primary source of safety training will be done in the classroom by the instructors. Supporting documents include the Work Area Safety Plan for each area that are posted on the SOA website and are available in each studio. Additional documents you should be familiar with are the TTU Laboratory Safety Manual and the SOA recommended safety textbook “The Complete Artist's Health and Safety Guide” by Monona Rossol. You may want to purchase a paper copy of the book or a Kindle copy, additional copies are available to read in the Visual Resource Center (VRC) which is room ART B10.


STUDENTS who are taking any class in the ART 3D Annex, or are using any of the shops in that building, you are required to successively complete 1 online safety training:

  • Shop Safety

You will need to complete this training before you start working in any classes, studios, or shops in the ART 3D Annex and then take it again every two years.

There are other online safety training sections that you may have to take for other classes, such as Chemistry, but they are not a substitute for having successfully completed Shop Safety before you start working in the ART 3D Annex.


If you are enrolled in a studio class before the semester starts, then you will probably also have been enrolled to complete the safety training. You should have received an email in your official TTU email from the testing company info@hsi.com , and probably from ehs.safety.training@ttu.edu . This is not spam, but you may want to check your junk mail for it anyway.

If you follow the links and you aren't allowed access it may be because you haven't been registered for the training yet. You can try going to the TTU Environmental Health and Safety training website at https://www.depts.ttu.edu/ehs/Training/index.php and follow the instructions to enroll yourself. You can also contact your instructor or the SOA Safety Officer whose contact information is at the bottom for assistance.

If you have any questions or problems with the required safety training please contact the SOA Safety Officer, Victoria Shields by email at victoria.shields@ttu.edu