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The Medici Circle is a Lubbock community volunteer group supporting School of Art through friends-raising and fund-raising for art scholarships. Since 2005, when the group first formed, the Medici Circle has successfully created or augmented $750,000 in art scholarship endowments using funds raised to incentivize new donors with fund-matching opportunities.

The 6th Annual Soup & Champagne Supper took place in the lovely home of Robert & Candace Wood on Saturday, February 8, 2020. Hand-made ceramic cups and bowls, homemade soups, and champagne warmed up the evening's guests. Chocolate desserts were featured in anticipation of Valentine's Day. Immediately after that fundraiser, COVID put the Medici Circle on hiatus for several years. The group will begin activity anew in fall 2023.

Because the Medici Circle continues to help create new endowments each year, the numbers and amounts of scholarships available to support Art majors in all the areas at the undergraduate and graduate levels have steadily increased since 2007 when the first Medici Circle scholarship made. In 2023-2024 Medici Circle scholarships totalling $38,000 will be awarded to School of Art undergraduate and graduate students across the School's academic programs.

School of Art endowments supported by the Medici Circle include:

  • Bill Lockhart Art Scholarship Endowment (2007)
  • Ken Little - Medici Circle Art Scholarship Endowment (2007)
  • Mrs. Linda S. & Dr. John M. Filippone, Jr. - Medici Circle Scholarship Endowment (2009)
  • Terry Morrow - Medici Circle Art Graduate Fellowship Endowment (2010)
  • The Willie and Eve Tate Family - James E. LaMunyon Chancellor's Council Scholarship (augmented 2011)
  • Rex & Bonnie Aycock - Medici Circle Master's in Art History Graduate Fellowship Endowment (2011)
  • E. Grey Lewis, Jr. Memorial - Medici Circle Art Graduate Fellowship Endowment (2011)
  • Real & Muff Musgrave – Medici Circle Art Scholarship Endowment (2012)
  • Donna Howell-Sickles & John Sickles – Medici Circle Art Scholarship Endowment (2014)
  • Deborah Milosevich – Medici Circle Scholarship Endowment (2015)
  • Medici Circle Art Scholarship in Ceramics (2015)
  • The Paul D. Hanna Memorial – Medici Circle Endowed Scholarship for the Fine Arts (2016)
  • Rick Dingus – Medici Circle Graduate Fellowship Endowment (2016)
  • Clarence E. Kincaid Memorial Scholarship Endowment (augmented 2016)
  • Cheatham/Howze Drawing Scholarship Endowment (augmented 2016)
  • Tina Fuentes Painting Fellowship Endowment (2019)
  • Stacy Elko – Medici Circle Memorial Scholarship Endowment in the School of Art (2022)

Join Medici Circle today with your $50 individual or family membership donation. Receive our announcements about exhibitions and receptions on campus as well as at the School of Art's Satellite Gallery located downtown at the Charles Adams Studio Project.

Contact Us:

Dane Webster, Director, School of Art (806-742-3826)
Robin Phillips, Director of Development, J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts (806.834.7353)