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3D Design, Sandra Sierra, Fall 2018, wire, glue, newspaper, 6"x12"x5"

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welcome to art foundations

Foundations is a set of courses that all of our students take during their first year as they decide which degree to pursue (BA Studio Art, BA Art History, BFA Art Education, BFA Graphic Design, BFA Studio Art).

These courses take a year to complete and will give you the essential tools to learn how to combine ideas and forms. Traverse vast expanses of space and time in our Art History courses. Begin to talk critically about a work of art in our Design courses. Question assumptions about the picture plan in our Drawing courses. Build a community by learning from each other. Foundations course work happens inside and outside of the studio, classroom, woodshop, computer lab, gallery and campus to get you on your way to becoming a learned, resourceful, adaptive, and committed artist, researcher, teacher, designer or historian. Finish the year by declaring a degree program with our advisor

art foundations courses

Art Foundations Courses taken during first year of study as you learn about SOA Degree Programs:

  • ART 1100 – Introduction to Art
  • ART 1302 – 2D Design: Introduction
  • ART 2303 – 3D Design: Introduction
  • ART 1303 – Drawing I: Introduction
  • ART 2304 – Drawing II: Introduction
  • ARTH 1301 – Art History Survey I
  • ARTH 2302 – Art History Survey II

BFA/BA Portfolio and Advising Event

BFA/BA Portfolio and Advising Event at the end of the year as you work with our advising team to select a major.

BA in Studio Art

BA in Art History

BFA in Art Education

BFA in Graphic Design

BFA in Studio Art

student work

Students in an exhibit hallCutouts of strawberriesDrawing of a Horse

art foundations

Reach out to our faculty in conjunction with our SOA Advisor to help determine what major is the best fit for you as you finish Art Foundations and enter your second year.

Shannon Cannings

Shannon Cannings
Assistant Professor of Practice

Amy Nguyen

Amy Nguyen
Temporary Undergraduate Academic Advisor (Undergraduate)

Carol Flueckiger

Carol Flueckiger
Associate Professor
Studio Art Coordinator of Art Foundations

Travis Neel

Travis Neel
Assistant Professor