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Supplemental travel funding request for a Significant Initiatives

Faculty may request supplemental funding towards airfare (main cabin) up to $1500 in support of a significant initiative of which they are a part. Examples of significant activities can be at the national or international level and include performances, presentations, lectures or exhibits. Events can be discipline specific, collaborative, interdisciplinary, and/or something that fosters collaboration with national or international partners and institutions.

Note: In all cases, faculty should first contact School Directors to request funding from the  School. Please indicate all expenses as well as approved funding for the total trip on this application form.

International Travel

All International Travel must be approved by the Office of International Affairs. Please submit an International Travel Application no less than 30 days ahead of planned departure date.

Travel Funding Request Form

Ivy Walz


Contact the Associate Dean

Ivy Walz
Associate Dean for Faculty, Research, Creativity, and Outreach