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The arts provide not only cultural enrichment but is an indelible component of the American economy. The arts contribute $763 billion to the US economy, and employs 4.9 million workers across the country, according to a report from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis and the National Endowment for the Arts. 

Through internships, residencies, and a commitment to their craft, our students are primed for careers in all areas of the arts, business, professional work, and other fields that require an attention to detail and a willingness to be creative and hard working. 

You will find our students on Broadway, in marketing agencies, film and TV production companies, and sergeants in the military. We are artists, activists, lawyers, musicians, nurses, and performers. 

For additional information, see What Can I Do With This Major? on the University Career Services web site.

External Resources

For more on jobs in all areas of the arts, please review the links below for careers in the arts: