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Texas Tech University offers many forms of financial assistance to students. The Office of Financial Aid in West Hall offers a complete list of all types of financial aid available to students, including grants, loans, and student employment. They also have a separate page specifically dealing with scholarships.

Here are the scholarships offered through the J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts (TCVPA) and individual departments and programs:


Talent-Based Arts Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded to entering first-time freshmen who show exceptional promise in the visual or performing arts.

School of Art

School of Music

School of Theatre & Dance

Thanking the Donor Who Funded Your Scholarship

A thank-you letter is an appropriate and much appreciated expression of gratitude for receiving a scholarship. It's unlikely that you will meet the person who made your scholarship possible, so this letter might be your only opportunity to thank them. In turn, donors who feel appreciated and understand the impact of their gift are more likely to give in the future, allowing more students to receive financial assistance.

You will be directed to write a thank-you letter in your online portal when you accept a scholarship from Texas Tech. If you receive any scholarships from outside Texas Tech, you should contact the sponsoring organization to find out where to send a thank-you letter for that funding.

Not sure how to write a thank-you letter for your scholarship? This 5-minute video provided by the TTU Writing Center is a good starting point. 

For a deeper explanation, watch this recorded workshop. The video is 45 minutes long and you can use the time signature links below to take you to specific sections: 

  • Higher Order Concerns [HOC] (What to Avoid) 20:20
  • Lower Order Concerns [LOC] (Common Mistakes) 26:10
  • Organization and Structure  
  • Brainstorming 40:22

In-person Help

For in-person help with your letter, please visit a campus writing center: