Texas Tech University

School of Theatre & Dance Scholarships

Dance Scholarship

For dance majors based on academic record, talent, and financial need. Auditions are in the spring semester each year. Amount and number vary. Recipients must maintain a 3.0 GPA. Administered by Faculty Scholarship Committee.

Theatre Scholarship

For outstanding majors in theatre arts; based on academic record, quality of participation in theatre activities, school citizenship activities, and financial need. If funds are available, awards are given to theatre arts majors above the freshman level. Amount varies. Administered by Faculty Scholarship Committee. Established by local citizens and organizations.

Clifford A. Ashby Endowed Scholarship

For worthy graduate students in the Theatre History track. Established by Dr. Clifford A. Ashby, Professor Emeritus, and friends.

Jia-hua Chin Scholarship

Awarded to an outstanding MFA student in the area of design.

Marie Hermann Endowed Scholarships in the Fine Arts

For undergraduate or graduate majors in voice and/or theatre arts. Established in memory of Mrs. Marie Hermann.

Horizons Endowed Scholarship

For students who demonstrate leadership in theatre design, technology, and /or dance and maintain a 3.0 GPA. Established by the proceeds from the 75th Gala Celebration ticket sales.

Charles Kerr Memorial Scholarship

For outstanding majors in theatre arts. Established by friends of Charles Kerr, outstanding graduate in theatre arts, in his memory.

Neal Hanslik Regents Scholarship

For undergradaute or graduate students majoring in theatre.

Ronald E. Schulz Award Endowment in Theatre Arts

For an outstanding junior or senior Theater Arts major who has demonstrated their dedication and talent to the whole art of theatre by exemplary performance in at least two of the theatre crafts (acting, directing, scenery, properties, lighting, sound, costuming, stage management, promotion, etc.) in addition to their area of specialization. Established by Mr. Ronald E. Schulz.

George Sorensen Scholarship

For seniors with an acting or directing emphasis and a minimum 3.2 GPA or second year MFA students with an acting or directing emphasis and a minimum 3.5 GPA. Established by former students and friends of George Sorensen.

Linda M. Speech Scholarship

For outstanding majors in theatre arts. Based on talent, grades, leadership, and service to the department. Amount and number vary. Established by Dr. and Mrs. Ray C. Mowery, former faculty members of the departments of Animal Husbandry and Speech.

Ann Bradshaw Stokes Scholarship

For undergraduate and graduate students. Recipients must demonstrate artistic and academic potential in relation to career goals. Established by Ann Bradshaw Stokes Foundation.

Christi Vadovic Scholarship

For undergraduate BFA students studying in the technical areas of the theatre or stage management. Established by Mr. And Mrs. Charles Vadovic.

Richard A. Weaver Scholarship

Awarded to an outstanding graduate student in the area of arts administration.

The William and Madeline Welder Smith Endowed Graduate Design Fellowship

Awarded to one outstanding MFA Design student in their first year of full-time study.

Corey Winkle Memorial Scholarship

For outstanding acting majors in theatre arts. Amount and number vary. Recipients may be undergraduate or graduate students.  Established by family and friends of Corey Winkle, outstanding acting student and hero of the Gulf War.

Trouper of the Year

For an undergraduate or graduate student majoring in Theatre or Dance who demonstrates: Leadership, selflessness of effort, a positive attitude, congeniality, and productivity. Award of $500 to be given.