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School of Theatre & Dance
Bachelor of Fine Arts

B.f.A. in Dance

The dance program at Texas Tech University provides its students with a rigorous yet accessible curriculum, opportunities for engagement with dance in a variety of contexts, and a supportive, student-centered learning environment. By integrating the practical and the theoretical, the program serves as a vital force in the cultural and intellectual life of our society. The program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Dance (NASD).

The BFA in Dance prepares students to become independent creative artists by providing the skills, tools, and practice necessary to pursue a career in professional dance. Our faculty provide rigorous technical training in which students take artistic risks, expand skills, think critically, and pursue an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach as dancers, choreographers, directors, performers, writers, and/or teachers. If your goal is to prepare for creative work at the professional level – as a performer, choreographer or other role – the BFA degree may be right for you. The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance requires 123 credit hours. 

What Sets Us Apart

Students have many opportunities, resources, and facilities for making and showing their work. We encourage a rigorous creative process, meaning learning by doing.  


  • To provide our students a competitive advantage as they pursue careers in professional dance and dance-related performance, choreography, and teaching
  • To foster interdisciplinary education through merging theatre and dance content and to create interdisciplinary artists who possess the physical, technical, creative, and reflective skills needed to forge their individual artistic voices 
  • To create opportunities for students to work with experienced dance and theatre practitioners 


Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Dance (NASD)

Smaller Program

Smaller program that provides student mentorship by dance faculty

Performance Opportunity

Performance opportunities every semester


Integration that include collaboration with students in theatre


Possibilities for a minor in other departments

Program Highlights

Performance and choreography opportunities are provided to students each semester. Guest artists specializing in a variety of genres and with diverse skills are brought in each year to work with students in class and within production contexts.


Students in the B.F.A. Dance program participate in our summer WildWind Performance Lab (WWPL). Students participating in WildWind Performance Lab are immersed in a non-traditional and process-oriented developmental creative laboratory; that's why we call it a lab, a place to experiment with what we know already and what we don't know. Students' skills are challenged and develop in their primary discipline as well as across the entire dance and theatrical spectrum. Students work with guest artists who identify not only as performers, directors, or designers, but also as theatrical ambassadors, entrepreneurs, and storytellers. Guest artists help develop a student's artistic integrity in addition to techniques and methodologies.



Facilities & Technology

Creative Movement Studio

Provides dance and theatre students and faculty with a state-of-the-art space for classes, rehearsals, and performances.


Charles E. Maedgen Jr. Theatre

Seats 385 patrons in a comfortable continental arrangement


The CH Foundation/The Legacy of Christine DeVitt Black Box Theatre

Opened in 2019, this is a 5,162 square-foot flexible performance space that allows for multiple seating configurations up to 230 seats.



Apply Now

To be considered for admission into the B.A. Dance degree program, prospective students must submit an online application to Texas Tech through ApplyTexas and audition for the program.

Before auditioning, applicants must register online, which will require uploading your resume, headshot, 1-minute solo, and a written composition about your choice of desired degree plan. ($30 application fee applies.)

Tuition Estimator


We offer opportunities for virtual audition submissions as well as an on-campus auditions. Click the link below for dates and information.

Online Learning

While the majority of our Dance courses are offered in person, some Dance courses are offered online.

  • Dance History
  • Topics in Dance History

Higher Program Offering

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance could apply for the Master of Arts degree in Dance Studies here at Texas Tech University. 



First Year Seminar  
Ballet Technique  
Contemporary Technique  
Jazz Technique  
Company Class 
Movement for the Performer   
Improvisation and Improvisation II 
Principles of Choreography I and II  
Anatomy & Somatic Practices  
Dance History  
Careers in Dance  
Dance Aesthetics  
Dance in the Community  
World Dance Forms 
Senior Capstone  
Elements of Theatrical Design  
Performance Lab I - WildWind 


Musical Stage Dance  
Music for Dance 
Dance Production Activities I 
Principles of Acting I 
Projects in Theatre & Dance: Marfa Intensive 


Alumni Success & Careers

Past Graduate Accomplishments

Our first BFA Dance cohort began in 2020.

Career Possibilities

If your goal is to prepare for creative work at the professional level – as a performer, choreographer, educator, or other role – the BFA degree may be right for you.

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