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BFA Design
Application & Portfolio Requirements

BFA Design Application & Portfolio Requirements

Students interested in declaring for the BFA Design-Technology-Management (DTM) program must submit a Statement of purpose, resume, and portfolio via the Acceptd platform.  


  • Provide 5-10 pictures of your design/creative/technical work, formatted and saved as a single PDF document.
    • Be sure to caption images with appropriate text pertaining to dates, your role, the material/design represented in each image, to what extent the work was collaborative, and what skills you used or learned. Include anything that helps us understand the original context of the work.
  • The portfolio should include (but isn't limited to):
    • Process photos and final production photos (if possible) 
      Any relevant paperwork related to productions (such as renderings, drafting, cue sheets, sketches, research etc.)
    • For Stage Managers: SM bible, ASM paperwork, etc.
    • Relevant work from classes and extracurricular projects that you feel show off skills or talents related to creativity, technical savvy, and artistry
  • Keep your formatting simple, tidy, and uncluttered to highlight the work.
  • We are interested in samples of work that demonstrate your artistic point of view and your organizational and technical aptitude.  This may include a wide array of projects, ranging from personal to class projects, as well as production work.  We are interested in understanding your process, so the work need not be finished. We are most interested in seeing what you consider to be your best effort.
  • When finished, title your file as: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_PortfolioYEAR
  • We are excited that our applicants come from a broad range of backgrounds. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions. 

Statement of Purpose

A brief essay (no more than 750 words) that describes your interest in theatre design/technology/management and specifically your interest in the BFA degree (i.e. as opposed to the BA), your future career goals, and any additional information you would like our reviewers to know. This statement is our first opportunity to get to know you and understand what theatre and dance artistry means to you. 


This aspect of the application tells us about your prior experience.  Note that prior experience is not a requirement, therefore, a listing of employment experiences, club and organizational memberships, or other list of classes and skills that you would like for us to know about will be acceptable.  This document, much as the letter, and portfolio, help us to get to know you before the next step in the application process.  Please limit this submission to a page or less in length. 

On-campus Interview

After successful submission of your application, you will be asked to attend an on-campus interview with design faculty. The interview is a chance for us to ask you about your interest in performance, your goals for the program, and your seriousness of purpose as a student and artist. A representative from the School of Theatre & Dance will reach out to you within two weeks of your application submission to provide you with a variety of options. 

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