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Master of Arts

master of Arts (M.A.)

Master the arts at Texas Tech. TCVPA offers three unique MA programs to refine your artistic skillsets in scholarship, dance, and performance. Integrate any program into your working, professional life thanks to flexible, adaptive courses.


Programs by school

Art History

Art History investigates intellectual and cultural aspects of human activity by focusing on artifacts, artworks, and monuments from around the globe. The Master of Arts (MA) in Art History prepares students for a variety of careers, including museum and historical society work, civic arts programs, editing and journalism, art criticism and curating, and teaching.

Dance Studies

The MA in Dance Studies degree is only one of three of its kind offered across the U.S. What sets Texas Tech's program apart are the opportunities for interdisciplinary research mentorship and research activity, opportunities for expanding students' professional networks across multiple cohorts and with faculty from all artistic disciplines, our faculty members' unique professional backgrounds including significant scholarly and artistic areas of specialty, and our accessibility through mostly summer and mostly online courses. Additionally, we gear our program and curriculum to people already working full-time in dance and in arts education. 


Theatre Arts

The Master of Arts in Theatre Arts degree prepares students for further graduate work (in either a Ph.D. or an M.F.A. program), for teaching at the community college or secondary level, and for analytical positions within the profession (such as those of dramaturg or literary manager).


Aaron Chavarria
Interdisciplinary Arts Studies Advisor