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New Teaching Academy Members

Upe Flueckiger

Upe Flueckiger

Here is what inspires me to teach:

"Some Students are helicopters; they take off quickly, but travel short distances. Others are Boeing 747s; they need a long runway, but once in flight they travel great distances and carry heavy loads."

Olivio Ferrari

That we are all different is interesting and inspiring to me and forces me to regularly question my own teaching/failings anew. As an educator I believe in the student-centered education of future architects and designers through the investigation of architectural issues arising from the students' individual concerns, design process, and design potential in relation to the development of the architectural and design problems.

Ali Nejat

Ali Nejat

 I am inspired by having the privilege to change lives and help students pursue their dreams and secure a better future for themselves. I am also inspired by having the opportunity to be engaged in a lifelong journey of learning from each individual student in my constant pursuit of becoming a better educator.

Mitzi Ziegner


Teaching has been my passion and calling since I had an educator that forever changed and impacted my life in my fourth grade classroom. I want students to feel respected, cared for as individuals, appropriately challenged and safe enough to make mistakes as they learn. Ultimately, I hope they see a high standard to aspire to, respect first modeled before it is expected and know they play a significant role in the teaching and learning process and the true joy that comes from it. From my years as elementary classroom teacher and now at the university level, I have found that the teacher student relationships and instruction focused on meeting the unique needs of the learner are always key to student success.

Andrew Stetson


I am inspired to teach because of the community that surrounds us. All knowledge, and indeed art, can only be shared as a type of communication. As we reveal our research and share our creations with students and the world, our artistic expressions constantly reimagined through new eyes and ears. I often feel as if I learn as much from my students as they must learn from me.

Robert Peaslee


What inspires me to teach:

I'm inspired to teach by my predecessors, committed teachers who fostered my natural talents and helped me cultivate them into craft. I'm inspired by my students, who discover new angles and make novel connections I never see coming; I'm inspired by their creativity, perseverance, and work ethic. And I'm inspired by the world we live in, a world desperately in need of more and better sources of connection, compassion, and innovation.


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