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The TLPDC does not record all TLPDC sessions and events, as many involve guest presenters and others do not lend themselves easily to recording due to audio difficulties or technical issues. If you are unable to attend a particular event and would like to inquire about having it recorded, please contact Ching Lee or Micah M Logan, and if possible, we will make these arrangements.

These recorded sessions are not meant to be online classes. They are meant to be used merely as informal references to the live presentations. Please see the TLPDC Schedule of Events for opportunities to gain more in-depth information on the topics of your interest.

Feel free to watch past TLPDC events below by clicking on the provided links.

Recent Episodes
ATLC 2017 Keynote Session by Dr.Mary- Ann Winkelmes
Transparent teaching/learning practices make learning processes explicit while offering opportunities to foster students' metacognition, confidence, and their sense of belonging in college in an effort to promote student success equitably. A 2016 publication identifies transparent assignment design as a replicable teaching intervention that significantly enhances students' success, with greater gains for historically underserved students [Winkelmes et al, Peer Review,Spring 2016]. We’ll review the findings as well as educational research behind the concept of transparent teaching/learning in this session. Then we’ll apply that research to the design of class activities and course assignments. Participants will leave with a draft assignment or activity for one of their courses, and a concise set of strategies for designing transparent assignments that promote students’ learning.
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Transparent Assignment Design at Texas Tech: A Panel Discussion
During her keynote presentation, Dr. Winkelmes explained the research behind and provided a framework for the Transparency Project; during this follow-up panel discussion, faculty members from Texas Tech who implemented transparent assignment design during the fall semester of 2016 will share their own insights about and experiences with the project. Panelists will discuss questions such as: What was the process like for them as faculty members? How did their students respond to the revised assignments? What realizations did they have during the project, and how has it changed their teaching? In this session, attendees will learn more about how transparent assignment design really works, and how it might work in their own classrooms.
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