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The TLPDC does not live stream or record TLPDC sessions and events, as many involve guest presenters and others do not lend themselves easily to streaming or recording due to audio difficulties, delays in transmission or other technical issues. Special events such as the John M. Burns and Advancing Teaching & Learning keynote sessions are recorded and will be posted to this page as soon as all the materials have been compiled and converted. If you are a faculty member who is interested in having students attend an event for class credit but have distance students who are unable to attend in person and would like to inquire about having it recorded, please contact Ching Lee or Micah M Logan, and if possible, we will make these arrangements.

These recorded sessions are not meant to be online classes. They are meant to be used merely as informal references to the live presentations. Please see the TLPDC Schedule of Events for opportunities to gain more in-depth information on the topics of your interest.

Feel free to watch past TLPDC events below by clicking on the provided links.

Recent Episodes
John M. Burns Conference Choosing and Using High-Impact Instructional Strategies
Most of us teaching in colleges and universities today have heard about many different instructional approaches and activities we might use in our courses, but the sheer number of choices can be daunting. Given limited time with students, choosing strategies that best promote their learning is an imperative. The research on teaching and learning in higher education, however, is better than ever, and it provides us with information about strategies documented to improve student learning. These studies have much to offer our understanding. Evidence-based teaching has finally arrived, and indeed it is long overdue.

After participating in this interactive session, you will be able to
• Identify multiple evidence-based strategies in seven key areas of instruction
• Evaluate the applicability of specific methods to your own unique educational contexts
• Adopt or adapt an evidence-based instructional practice for use in your own courses

 Click here to watch the session : Video
John M. Burns Conference Interactive Lecturing: Combining "Time for Telling" and Active Learning Methods
Educators today would be hard pressed to identify a teaching technique more heartily maligned than the lecture. Critics have called lectures boring, obsolete, old-fashioned, overused, and even unfair. Such criticisms, however, typically take aim at one type of lecture: the full-session, transmission-model lecture. Lectures, however, come in many different shapes and sizes and can occupy an important place in the college classroom. Lectures are particularly effective when they are paired with active learning methods that provide students with ways to mentally prepare for and pay attention to lectures as well as with ways to apply and reflect upon what they have learned.

After participating in this session, you will be able to:
• Apply principles of effective presentations to classroom lectures
• Choose active learning strategies to support student learning during lectures
• Create a plan for integrating lectures along with active learning strategies in a seamless process

 Click here to watch the session : Video



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