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Hub Tenant Application

The TTU Innovation Hub at Research Park (the hub) mission is to grow and accelerate startups by building the technology base and economic strength of the west Texas region. By fulfilling its mission, the hub will further the TTU mission by (i) enhancing the economic development of the State; and (ii) advancing knowledge through research via data collected from Tenants through required initial assessments and annual surveys. Prospective tenants at the Innovation Hub typically fall into two categories:

  1. Entrepreneurs who are TTU students, faculty, staff, or alumni, or members of the west Texas community with a start-up company (which may be pre-launch to commercial stage, social enterprises, or non-profits), preferably with limited funding and/or little or no sales revenue.
  2. Established businesses directly contributing to the enhancement of the hub's mission and consistent with deepening the resources available to the entrepreneur ecosystem.

Application Process

Step 1

Companies wishing to lease space in the Innovation Hub must complete the "New Tenant Application" form below. Kimberly Gramm, Innovation Hub Managing Director will provide approval to complete Step 2.

Step 2

Prospective tenants must complete a short business plan containing a one page in depth description of the business, a list of current and potential customers, description of the current status of the business, and a list of 3 milestones expected to be achieved while a tenant. The business plan should be no more than 3 pages in length, and should include the following how the business will support the mission of the Hub and Texas Tech achieve their mission.

Step 3

Innovation Hub committee meets regularly and will provide acceptance of tenancy in writing once a decision is made.

Step 4

Move in logistics meeting/planning with Hub facilities Director/Manager.

*Acceptance for tenancy in the hub is in the sole discretion of TTU. Each application will be reviewed and an assessment will be completed to evaluate the applicants' space needs, mission suitability, and availability of leasable space at the Innovation Hub at the time of application.


New Tenant Application

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