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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Senate Bill 17 Guidance for Students

This document aims to provide answers to common questions students may have regarding SB 17 and its implications. Please note that specific questions not addressed here can be submitted to the Office of the Provost for further assistance via email provost.communications@ttu.edu.

What support resources area available to underserved students at Texas Tech?

Since SB 17 was passed, the range of available support resources remained comparable. The same level of support is available to all students and students are encouraged to seek out these resources as needed and by connecting with Campus Access and Engagement, Academic Innovation and Student Success, and/or Student Life.

Can student organizations apply for institutional funds to support activities related to diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Yes, registered student organizations can fundraise, participate in the Student Government Association funding process for registered student organizations, apply for core values funding, and as needed, apply for institutional funds as necessary to support activities related to race, color, ethnicity, gender identity, and/or sexual orientation. There should be published procedures for applying and reviewing applications, and all recognized student organizations are eligible to apply. However, funded organizations should not have exclusive membership policies. Events should be open to all students.

Can students receive funding to attend external conferences related to diversity, equity and inclusion?

Yes, students can fundraise, apply for SGA funds and as necessary, apply for institutional funds to attend external conferences or professional development activities related to DEI. Procedures for applying and reviewing applications should be in place.

Can Texas Tech or its units retain offices or initiatives related to diversity, equity and inclusion?

Generally, Texas Tech and its units cannot retain offices, initiatives, events, or activities related to race, color, ethnicity, gender identity, or sexual orientation, except for activities required by currently funded external federal grants.

How can Texas Tech units highlight their support for underserved student populations or certify compliance with anti-discrimination laws?

Texas Tech units can support first-generation college students, low-income students, or underserved student populations. In no way does support of these student populations contradict state and federal anti-discrimination laws.

Can Texas Tech units host programming related to diversity, equity and inclusion?

Texas Tech units can host certain types of programming, such as guest speakers/performers and events sponsored by registered student organizations, related to DEI if the program or activity is open to all members of the campus community. Texas Tech units cannot retain in-house programming/activities, such as an office or standing program specific to DEI.

Can Texas Tech employees assist with diversity, equity and inclusion-related events?

Texas Tech employees can assist with logistics, preparations, and promotion of DEI-related events that are permissible, such as guest speakers or events conducted by student organizations.

Can Texas Tech units offer resources and programs unrelated to diversity, equity and inclusion?

Yes, Texas Tech units may develop and offer resources, programs, and initiatives unrelated to race, color, ethnicity, gender identity, or sexual orientation, focusing on other areas such as economic disadvantage or first-generation college students.

Can a Texas Tech faculty or staff member serve as an advisor of a diversity, equity and inclusion-related student organization?

Registered Student Organizations are required to have at least one faculty or staff advisor. In a voluntary capacity, employees may elect to serve as an advisor of a registered student organization.

Can Texas Tech units recognize heritage months?

Texas Tech units can recognize federally designated heritage months, giving equal recognition to all months and using recommended language. They can direct readers to activities conducted by recognized student organizations during these months.

Are units allowed to offer specific diversity, equity and inclusion-related programming?

Units generally cannot offer programming specific to a heritage month unless it is required by an existing grant or federal requirement. Existing grants requiring such programs may be subject to review. Student organizations can offer programming specific to heritage months. Units can promote such activities that are offered by student organizations.

Can Texas Tech units inform students about external scholarship opportunities related to diversity and inclusion?

Texas Tech units can circulate information about external scholarship opportunities that may be of interest to underserved applicants or promote diversity.

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