Texas Tech University

Mentor Requirements

CISER faculty Mentors:


1. must have an active research program in STEM research or interdisciplinary science-related research. If you have questions about this, please direct them by e-mail to Julie Isom.

2. are given an opportunity to consider mentoring either Undergraduate Research Scholars (URS), Undergraduate Technology Scholars (UTS), for the academic year, and/or Undergraduate Science Education Scholars (SEdS), for the summer. For more information on individual Scholar programs, visit our Student Research Opportunities page.

3. are encouraged to interview potential scholars, attend program events like the Scholar Research Forum in September and the Undergraduate Research Conference and Research Celebration Banquet in April , engage and advise Scholars in their Program annual reports to assess project progress and to advise Scholars on optimal ways to present and publish their results.

4. Mentors may access our CISER Shared Resources for important Program information.