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Why Study French?

As the world grows smaller and smaller, learning a second language is increasingly important—even essential. Since many American firms have branches in France, a major or minor in French enhances the résumé and can give the graduate a competitive edge when seeking employment. Public education, translating, interpreting, foreign service, the airlines, etc. also need people qualified in French. French remains, along with English, the language best suited to traveling the Western world. In fact, through travel, as well as through books, films, art, music, plays, and many other avenues into culture, French opens unsurpassed vistas.

The French Program at Texas Tech

The French Program is part of the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures. In addition to beginning-level classes, we offer advanced language courses in conversation, composition, and grammar. Additional course offerings include courses in Commercial French, French and Francophone culture, and French literature. To complement their studies in Lubbock, students are encouraged to study abroad in programs connected with the University.

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