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Why Study French?

French is a Romance language, one of the modern languages that descended from Latin. Today, about 200 million people speak French as a first or second language, primarily in Europe, Africa, and North America, notably in parts of Louisiana and Maine. French is an official administrative language of many organizations such as the African Union, the International Court of Justice, the International Olympic Committee, and the United Nations. Knowing French will allow you to study and work abroad in Africa, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, and in the Indian Ocean area. You'll also establish a shared basis of communication with international teams, even when working from the United States.

As political and economic issues become increasingly global, there is a growing need for Americans to know French. Whether you major or a minor in French, it will certainly be an asset to your career in education, business and industry, or in international affairs. You may combine your French major with another major to boost your career path with an international emphasis. Studying French won't only help your career, but you'll also enrich your mind with a wide range of great writers and philosophers, from Voltaire and Rousseau to Camus and Sartre.

The French Program at Texas Tech

The French Program is part of the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures. In addition to beginning-level classes, we offer advanced language courses in conversation, composition, and grammar. Additional course offerings include courses in Commercial French, French and Francophone culture, and French literature. To complement their studies in Lubbock, students are encouraged to study abroad in programs connected with the University.

The French Program consists of two educational tracks:

  • Language—to acquire a practical command of French and knowledge of translation as well as literature and culture. It will prepare you for work in international business and translation and for graduate study.
  • Literature & Film and Culture—combines the study of French and francophone literature and cultures and film.

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