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College Level Examination Program (CLEP)


CLEP exams will not be administered on Monday, March 11th.


The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a credit-by-examination program that allows a student to earn college credits for specific undergraduate courses. CLEP is designed to assess knowledge gained through accelerated, advanced or honors high school classes, as well as independent study.

  • Texas Tech University only accepts the CLEP subject examinations.
  • CLEP exams are computer-based and by appointment only. (Several sessions per week are available).
  • Seniors must notify their academic dean's office prior to attempting a CLEP exam and provide a letter of notification to Academic Testing Services upon registering for the exam.

You can visit the College Board website for more information.

NOTE: As of July 1st, College Board is increasing the online registration CLEP fee to $95 (Non-refundable).


How to Sign-up & Reserve your CLEP exams at Academic Testing Services:

  • Contact the ATS Office by phone (806) 742-3671 or E-mail testing@ttu.edu for current availability and fees.
  • For more information, please see our CLEP application material.
  • Please visit College Board for a video tutorial of the CLEP registration process.
  • Visit CLEP at https://www.collegeboard.org/ to set up an account and pay their $93 (non-refundable) Exam Fee (Credit/ Debit Only).When purchasing your CLEP exam, your first and last name must MATCH EXACTLY the name as it appears on your government-issued ID. You will receive a registration ticket. (Save this as a document.)
  • Fill out page 2 of the CLEP application material. You'll need to print this page and scan it. (Save this as a document.)
  • For seniors, make sure you have your Letter of Notification from your Dean or Advisor. (Save this as a document.)
  • Your online registration with College Board does NOT include your appointment at Academic Testing Services. The Registration Fee to Texas Tech University is $49.00 (non-refundable). A payment link will be sent to your email when all necessary documents have been received.
  • Due to limited seating, CLEP testing is by appointment only. Arrive for a test session 30 minutes early (test sessions begin at 2:00 PM Monday through Friday and students must arrive by 1:30 PM).
  • Photo ID is required (must be official government ID containing both photo and signature).
  • CLEP exams will NOT be offered during Final exams.

CLEP Application Material:

Useful Links:


    • Sample test questions can be downloaded at www.collegeboard.com.
    • Results are based on a scaled score; therefore, one point does not equal one question. The highest score one can receive on a CLEP exam is an 80.
    • If taking College Composition Modular or Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, there will be an extra fee of $30.00 for the on-campus essay that will be graded by graders in the Texas Tech English Department. This must be scheduled ahead of time and on a different date.
    • Please allow 2 hours to complete each testing session. Students are allowed 90 minutes to complete one exam. The additional 30 minutes are required for registration and tutorial.
    • If you test with Academic Testing Services, scores will be reported to the Texas Tech Registrar within 5 business days.
    • CLEP scores do not affect a student's GPA. Course credit will be placed on a student's transcript for the Texas Tech equivalent course for which credit was earned.
    • Policies and fees are subject to change.

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