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About Red Raider Camp

Red Raider Camp is an awesome next step for new Texas Tech students to Texas Tech.  RRC is designed to prepare students for success by providing an opportunity to have fun, make friends, experience traditions, and learn more about their new home, Texas Tech University!

RRC is a three-day adventure led by current Red Raiders who are prepared to share their personal experiences and keys to success for being at Texas Tech and Lubbock. 

Red Raider Camp takes place on the Texas 4-H Conference Center campus in Brownwood, Texas 

Red Raider Camp is dedicated to preparing future Red Raiders for success at Texas Tech University. At RRC you will:

  • Learn the secrets to success from current Red Raiders in small groups
  • Develop your leadership skills on a ropes course
  • Experience Texas Tech traditions
  • And much more!

How is Camp Different than RRO?

In addition to the information you get at Red Raider Orientation, Red Raider Camp will further prepare you for your first year in college

Our goal is to not only provide you with a sense of belonging at our university and a foundation to help your transition from high school to college, but to instill in you Red Raider spirit and some of the traditions that make our university great!

Red Raider Orientation Logo

Red Raider Camp Logo

Red Raider Orientation

Red Raider Camp

Located in Lubbock, Texas
on Texas Tech Campus
Located in Brownwood, Texas
at the Texas 4-H Conference Center
"Taking Care of Business"
  • Meet with an academic advisor
  • Register for Class
  • Verify Financial Aid package
  • Test out the Residence Halls
  • Meet other incoming Red Raiders
  • And much more!
"Fun Stuff"
  • Experience Texas Tech traditions
  • Learn secrets to success from current Red Raiders
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Meet other incoming Red Raiders
  • And have fun!