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The Lubbock Achievement Rewards for College Scientists
(ARCS) Chapter Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Community Foundation of West Texas

The Community Foundation of West Texas, formerly known as the Lubbock Area Foundation, Inc. is an independent, non-profit, publicly supported, tax-exempt organization whose purpose is to help donors meet the existing and future needs of the area's educational, health, cultural, civic and charitable organizations. The Foundation's mission goes beyond social service and welfare; our donors are improving the overall quality of life in the South Plains area.The Foundation administers a variety of charitable funds, including scholarships to assist area students with post-secondary educational expenses. The Foundation is pleased to administer the Lubbock ARCS Chapter Memorial Scholarship Fund, which is described below.


This scholarship is intended for students pursuing a PhD in the natural sciences. These include:
 Agriculture (scientific research areas)
 Arts and Sciences: Geologic Sciences, Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Physics, Chemistry
and Biochemistry, and Environmental Toxicology (scientific research areas)
 Engineering (scientific research areas)
 Human Sciences: Nutrition (scientific research areas)

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