Texas Tech University

Current and Past Grants

Development and feasibility of PRISM-C Treatment Groups for Caregivers of Young Adults with Substance Use Disorders
Tambling, R. (PI), D'Aniello, C. (Co-PI), & Russell, B.(Co-PI)
Institute for Collaboration on Health, Intervention, and Policy, Grant Development Summer Stipends for New Investigators
Amount Funded: $2,500
Year: 2021

A Pilot Study of PRISM Mindfulness Based Family Groups for Parents of Young Adults with Substance Use Disorders
D'Aniello, C. (Co-PI), Tambling, R. (Co-PI), & Russell, B.(Co-PI)
Mental Research Institute Grants Initiative
Amount Funded: $5,000
Year: 2020

Team Effort: Student Athletes as Advocates for Safer Drinking Strategies and Accurate Beliefs about Alcohol Use
Tuliao, A.P. (PI), Soloski, K. (Co-PI), Bradshaw, S. (Co-PI), Martin, M. (Co-PI)
National College Athletic Association CHOICES Alcohol Education Grant Amount Funded: $30,000
Year: 2018 - 2021