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Financial Aid

The department understands that financial aid is a necessity for most students. We strongly encourage you to investigate the many sources of financial aid that are available at both the university and college level. To view the current tuition fees schedule, visit the Texas Tech Graduate School website.

A general summary of financial aid programs is described here. For more information, visit the Texas Tech Financial Aid website. Do not hesitate to contact them for additional information or to answer any questions you may have.

Financial aid assistance through the university

CFAS Department Financial aid assistance

When available, the Department of Community, Family, and Addiction Sciences offers research assistantships and teaching assistantships for doctoral students. There are a few assistantships for MS Students, but this is rare. These assistantships are usually offered on a 9-month stipend and the department will waive some of the university fees and non-resident fees for the student so that only in-state tuition and fees apply.

If they meet eligibility requirements, graduate students are required to apply for work-study support if they are assigned for a teaching or research assistantship.

CFAS Department Scholarships

The Department of Community, Family, and Addiction Sciences (CFAS), in conjunction with the College of Human Sciences, offers a variety of graduate scholarships of different amounts. In order for a student to receive a scholarship from CFAS, it is the College of Human Sciences requirement that the student completes a graduate scholarship application via the university's scholarship websites and provides additional documentation (see application check list).

For more information go to: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/hs/cfas/scholarships_graduate.php

Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy