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United Future Leaders Afterschool Program

Afterschool Program Overview

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The UFL program is designed to actively engage adolescents in the development of character, ethics, and civility as well as to develop young citizen leaders. UFL utilizes hands-on learning activities, mentoring experiences, intentional relationship-building, and community service to:

  • Guide youth in building knowledge, skills, and abilities (competencies)
  • Motivate students to effectively lead themselves and others
  • Promote healthy personal development and positive engagement with the community
  • The after school program experience is 1.5 hours with facilitators and TTU student mentors, including a snack and supplies.

UFL Leadership Curriculum

Hands-on learning experience and lesson development is based on ten universal themes: Physical Safety, Emotional Security, Identity, Belonging, Competence, Mission & Purpose, Service, Civility, Ethics, Leadership

Nutrition Spotlight

We teach participants that to lead others, we must first lead ourselves. Taking care of our bodies with healthy nutrition is a form of leadership. Spotlight moments are used to teach concepts and decision-making.

Physical Activity

Teamwork. Communication. Problem-Solving. All physical activities serve a purpose of creating scenarios that drive participants to work with others, learn how to work through disagreements, and different points of view, and how every person has something to contribute in order to reach the desired goal.

Theme Activity

Each lesson is based on at least one (sometimes two) UFL themes. The activity facilitates a scenario that engages participants and it's through the participation of the activity and deliberate processing of the activity that allows participants understand each theme and how they can use it in their daily life.

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