Texas Tech University

Explanation of Fees for the TTU Center in Sevilla

  • Sevilla Center Fee - Provides the working budget for the Sevilla Center's expenses. (Staff salary, travel, computers for student use, scanner, fax machine, professional memberships, etc.)
  • Education Abroad Fee - Helps to support the Study Abroad Office at Texas Tech.
  • Airfare - Students make individual flight arrangements to arrive in Seville to attend in-country orientation at the beginning of the semester.
  • Medical Insurance - Medical Insurance is provided by "Sanitas" for the period of program participation. Students will have a small co-pay (1-2 Euros) for office visits.
  • Tuition and fees - Texas Tech students have some Texas Tech fees waived while participating in an off-campus program. Fees waived are Medical Services Fee, Rec Center Fee, Student Union Fee, and Transportation Fee. Consortium university students pay tuition at their home university.
  • Room and Board - Students stay with a host family and are provided 3 meals/day, 7 days/week. The family also does laundry for the student and provides a room, linens, towels, and bath facilities.
  • Sevilla In-Country Orientation - Students spend the first two days in a typical Spanish hotel for orientation. This fee covers the lodging and meals during these days as well as the first month's city bus pass.
  • Excursions - As a mandatory part of the program, students travel extensively in Spain and sometimes in Portugal. The group excursions enhance classroom teaching. The fee covers the cost of transportation, entrance fees, and lodging during these excursions. Breakfast is provided as a part of the lodging cost. Other meals are additional as the student chooses.
  • Day-to-day expenses - This is an estimate of spending money a student needs for the time in Seville for expenses not previously paid for. This money can be accessed with an ATM card. Additional amounts may be needed if a student travels outside Seville to visit other areas of Spain or other countries in Europe.
  • Telephone - Many students use their U.S. smartphone with a Spanish sim card. Others purchase a cheap, "go-phone" with no data plan for local calls and texting only. Additionally, some students may purchase a Spanish smartphone in Sevilla. A telephone representative will provide information during the two day in-country orientation.
  • Bus Passes - The first month's bus pass is provided as part of the Sevilla orientation. Succeeding months' bus passes are the student's responsibility if they choose to purchase one.