Texas Tech University

Living with a Spanish Host Family

Living with a host family is an integral part of the program and can be a very rewarding experience. Families not only provide full room and board and laundry services, but they also provide an opportunity to practice Spanish extensively outside of class as well as offer students a unique insider's glimpse into Spanish culture not easily replicated by any other experience. Spanish host families are carefully screened and monitored by the on-site staff. During orientation and through orientation materials, students are given guidelines to help them successfully integrate with their host families.

I was really apprehensive about living with a host family. Well when I arrived my host mom, Julia, put me at ease immediately. Living with Julia is a big part of what I will miss about my time in Seville. Julia went above and beyond to be sure her students were catered to. She is an amazing cook (not going to lie, I may have gained a little weight from her homemade croquettes), she did laundry faster than I've ever seen-without a dryer too! Two of her grown sons, a daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters lived within walking distance so we were able to see them often. They all made us feel so welcome. 

Student with host mother and child

Nick, Summer 2017 student.

I am so thankful for my host family. The only thing I regret about my stay with my host family is my time. I wish I would have gotten longer than a semester. She was so kind and always asked how my day was going and making sure I was making good grades. I had the best meals at her house and when I would leave on trips she would always make me a lunch to-go. My host mom loves sharing her home with Texas Tech students and providing the best hospitality. I hope I can go back to Seville and see her again someday!

McKenna, Spring 2014.

My mama loves what she does. She treated me just like her own child and loves getting to know her American kids.

Jennifer, Summer 2014.

I ate more in Spain at my house than I ever have in my whole life!

Lisa, Summer 2014.

I felt like I was part of the family from the moment I arrived.

Amanda, Summer 2014.

My host mom really made my experience what it was. I had a fantastic time living with her.

Brandon, Fall 2013.