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Movie Theaters and Amusement Parks

Movie Theaters

Going to the movies is a great way to improve your Spanish. American movies dubbed into Spanish are extremely popular. Also, there are usually a couple of Spanish films in the theaters at any given time. If you're worried about being able to understand, it helps to know what the movie is about before you see it. Or, try watching movies dubbed in Spanish that you've already seen in English.

There is one cinema in Sevilla that shows movies in their original version with Spanish subtitles. That means that American movies will be in English with Spanish subtitles. Spanish films will have no subtitles, and foreign films will be in their original version, say French, with Spanish subtitles.

Movie tickets normally cost between 5-7€ depending on the day and time.

Movie Theaters in Sevilla

  • Cinesur Nervión: Large, centrally-located on Avenida Luis de Morales, in Nervión Plaza shopping center
  • Avenida 5 Cines: Only original version theater in Sevilla, Avenida Marqués de Paradas 15, near Plaza de Armas bus station
  • Alameda Multicines: c/Alameda de Hércules 9, near the Alameda
  • Arcos Cinemas: Avenida de Andalucía, Los Arcos Shopping Center
  • Cervantes Cine: c/Amor de Dios 33, near the Alameda
  • Cinesa Plaza de Armas: Plaza de la Legión, in Plaza de Armas Shopping Center, across from bus station

You can use the following websites to check times and listings:

Amusement Parks

Sevilla has two large amusement parks. Isla Mágica is sort of like Six Flags with a water park. Aquopolis is a water park. Check their websites for calendars and discounted tickets. Both are easily accessible by public bus.