Texas Tech University

Yoga & Mindfulness



Dr. Jonathan Deen, the assistant director for the TTU Center in Sevilla, dedicates some of his free time each week to engage with our students with yoga and mindfulness sessions. 

"I've practiced yoga for over ten years and began to share my experience and knowledge of this practice in 2016 after completing a yoga teacher certification. In my role as Assistant Director of the TTU Center in Sevilla and as Spanish instructor, my busy schedule doesn't allow me to continue teaching yoga outside of work. Therefore, I offer classes at the TTU Center, free, simply to continue doing something I love and to share this skill that provides numerous health benefits both physically and mentally. The style I teach is Vinyassa Flow, which incorporates dynamic movements in and out of postures designed to stretch and strengthen. While not too vigorous, it is more aerobic than other styles of yoga so come ready for a bit of a workout. The class is typically offered right before the Sevillanas dance class, so you'll be loose, warm and ready to work on your moves!"