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Language Assistants & Tutors

Language Assistants

Students who participate in the Spanish & Pre-Health Programs have the opportunity to practice their Spanish with native speakers in a classroom setting with our experienced Language Assistants. They will work alongside students during class time to help you to understand the grammar and vocabulary on a deeper, more individualized level.  Language Assistant interact with our students in a small-group session and converse with them in Spanish. Your professor will let you know the time and days that you will work with them and give suggestions of the material that should be covered. 


Language Assistants


Every other Wednesday evening, around 8 pm to 9:30 pm, students will also have the opportunity to discover Sevilla with the Tutors. You can go with them, have a drink, tapas or walk around Sevilla during the hour and a half while you practice your Spanish with them and see your new city from their perspective! It is a fun cultural experience, and you get to see how Spanish people live their social gatherings. 
Both Language Assistants & Tutors are built into the Spanish program year around, even during the summer programs.