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The graduate certificate program in Sport Management is designed for working professionals in the sport industry who are seeking additional credentials and who need flexibility in scheduling due to full-time employment. While this is the target audience for the certificate program, other applicants may be considered based on alignment with the audience demographics in the certificate program (e.g., working professionals in other industries who are seeking to work in the sport industry also will be considered).

Departmental Admission Requirements

Admissions requirements for the Graduate Certificate program include:

  • 2.5 GPA and completion of a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.
  • 2 letters of reference from employers/supervisors. 1 letter of academic reference may be provided if no longer than 2 years have elapsed since attending a degree program.
  • Personal statement reflecting how the graduate certificate will assist in achieving personal and professional goals.

Students are not allowed to be concurrently enrolled in the M.S. in Sport Management program and this program.

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  • Preference in admissions will be given to applications submitted at least three months prior to the date of intended enrollment.
  • Preferred deadlines for priority processing are August 1 for fall, December 1 for spring, and April 1 for summer.


Students will acquire practical application of sport management principles, theories, and constructs. Curriculum is designed for working professionals and enabling students to share their professional experiences to strengthen collective understanding of sport management.

The graduate certificate in sport management consists of the following courses:

  • SPMT 5320 Sport Leadership
  • SPMT 5324 Sport Marketing and Promotions
  • SPMT 5325 Ethics and Morality in Sport
  • SPMT 5345 Administration of Intercollegiate Athletics
  • SPMT 5346 Law in the Sport Industry

Courses are structured in 8-week formats. Thus, students will be able to complete 2 courses in 1 academic semester. While there is flexibility, students will ideally complete the program in 1 year.

Given this structure, the certificate program has rolling admissions and students can start in the semester following their admission into the certificate program.

Course rotations are as follows:

  • Fall Semester – SPMT 5320, SPMT 5325
  • Spring Semester – SPMT 5324, SPMT 5345
  • Summer Semester – SPMT 5346

If admitted, students may count all of these TTU courses with grades of B or higher towards the M.S. in Sport Management.

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