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Yasuki Sekiguchi, PhD, CSCS


Researcher: Yasuki Sekiguchi, PhD, CSCS

Title: Assistant Professor 

Laboratory: Room 109B, Sport Performance Lab


During sport and physical activities, maximizing performance  and safety is a vital component for athletes. I have been approaching this through understanding thermoregulatory mechanisms, optimizing hydration strategies, and sports science through the use of technology. These three factors are related to each other in dynamic and complex ways and have an impact on athlete performance and health. Training and competing in the heat have negative implications for performance and safety, including a higher internal body temperature, increased heart rate, changes in perceptual measures, and poor performance outcomes. These strains are exacerbated by dehydration even though dehydration independently decreases exercise performance. However, a lot of factors influence athlete performance and safety in addition to hydration and thermoregulation. Athlete monitoring allows practitioners to collect comprehensive information and examine athlete training status, recovery and wellness. 

Research, Teaching and Athlete Consulting Areas:

  • Heat acclimation and heat acclimatization
  • Optimizing hydration strategy
  • Fluid and electrolyte balance monitoring
  • Optimizing cooling strategy
  • Training load and recovery status monitoring
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Validation of wearable technology
  • Substrate utilization, aerobic and anaerobic performance testing

Laboratory and field testing skills:

  • Environmental laboratory data collection
  • GPS/accelerometry data collection and software management
  • Body composition (hydrostatic weighing and skin caliper)
  • Phlebotomy and blood analysis (e.g. hemoglobin, hematocrit, lactate, osmolality)
  • Urine analysis (urine color, urine specific gravity, osmolality, electrolytes)
  • ELISA analysis
  • Internal body temperature measurements (rectal, ingestible, and esophageal thermistor) 
  • Skin temperature collection and analysis
  • Sweat testing (sweat rate and sweat electrolyte analysis via whole-body washdown and sweat            patch)
  • Oxygen consumption and aerobic capacity testing
  • Blood pressure analysis
  • Lactate threshold testing 
  • Substrate utilization testing
  • Anaerobic capacity testing
  • Isokinetic and isometric strength testing
  • Athlete management systems
  • Heart rate and heart rate variability analysis
  • Electromyography
  • Electrocardiography 
  • Sleep analysis 
  • C-elegant and worm experiment
  • Gene and cell experiment

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