Texas Tech University

I. Diagnostic acoustics & ultrasoud imaging

Ultrasonic surface acoustic wave elastography


This work is developing a new elastography method based on acoustic surface wave and ultra-fast ultrasound imaging for imaging superficial tissues at a tissue boundary. It has great potential in screening diseases such as skin cancer in a safe and reliable manner. 

Ultrasonic guided acoustic wave elastography

This work is developing an elastography method based on acoustic guided wave and ultra-fast ultrasound imaging for imaging layered tissues at a tissue boundary. The targeted applications including imaging and evaluating tissue elasticity of plate-like tissue such as diaphram, heart tissues, and deep layers of skin and some flat muscles. 


II. Therapeutic acoustics & focused ultrasound therapy

Application of focused ultrasound in cancer immunotherapy 

Search for ultrasound-based methods for cancer immunotherapy applications. 

Focused ultrasound neuromodulation for neuro disorders

Utilize ultrasound to reshape neuro networks that are responsbibe for different disorders to treat the disorder-generated diseases.

Low-intensity ultrasound for selective cancer ablation 

Understand the physical mechanism of ultrasoud-induced selective damage of cancer cells and develop a side effects free biomechanical strategy for cancer treatment. 

III. Medical acoustic/ultrasoud device

Design optimization of 3D therapeutic ultrasound array transducers


This research employs optimization methods, including different types of machnie learning techniques, in the design of therapeutic utlrasound transducers aiming at improving their performance not only to facilitate the conventional application, such as cancer treatment, of focused utlrasoud, but also expand its applicaiton to delicate cases such as neuromodulation and neurosurgery.   

Biomedical Acoustics Research Lab