Texas Tech University

ME5336 (Summer 2020)

Numerical Experiments with OpenFOAM

Test Case 1: Turbulent Flow around a Cylinder
• This project is worth 40% of your final grade.
• This is a group project. Each group should have a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 3.
  1. You are required to study the case, Turbulent Flow around a Cylinder (2D), computationally. Assume the diameter of the cylinder is 1m and the free-stream velocity is 1 m/s. Assume the density of the fluid is 1 kg/m3. Change, the kinematic viscosity, to obtain the desired Reynolds number. Make your study interesting by studying the influence of the following parameters on your computational results:
  • Reynolds number effect, change it from 5x10^5 – 5x10^7.
  • Non-uniform grid in the x-direction ( u-velocity goes from freestream velocity of 1m/s to 0 in that direction)that. Concentrate grids near the cylinder wall.
  • Get familiarized with line plots i.e. Plot U Vs  at R=0.5.
(a) Write an executive summary containing following topics:
  • a brief statement of the problem;summary of your findings [ 15 points]
  • Velocity plots with explanation { u-x Vs x @ y=0)} [ 5 points ]
  • Pressure-coefficient [Cp = (p - p∞)/(0.5**U∞*U∞) ] at the cylinder wall against [5 points]
  • Drag coefficient [ Cd = FD/(0.5**U∞*U∞*D) ] Vs time. [ 15 points ]



Simulation Results:

velocity contour plot

Done By:

Ankit P Rewanwar & Team.