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About Raider Red Meats


Meat Science and Muscle Biology instruction began at Texas Tech in 1933, eight years after the university opened. The first laboratory was a modified Army barrack with minimal equipment. In 1961, a modern, federally inspected meat laboratory was constructed on campus. Then, in 1988, a new, 14,000-square foot meat laboratory was constructed, known today as the Gordon W. Davis Meat Science Laboratory. In 2005, the building which houses the Department of Animal and Food Sciences, was completed and COWamongus! was opened for retail meat sales. The new building, which connects to the meat science laboratory, has allowed the meat science program to expand the production and marketing of Raider Red Meats –“Raider Red's Choice.”



Since the humble beginning of Raider Red Meats, our mission has always been the same – to honorably serve others in the pursuit of excellence, to enhance the quality of life through innovative teaching, research and public service. We have been fortunate enough to do this for more than 50 years through the thing we love most, meat! Our broad product line includes both, the highest quality beef steaks and fully-cooked, ready-to-eat meats like smoked beef prime rib, smoked sausage and beef jerky.

Our program allows students to gain viable experience in practical business and meat science. All proceeds generated from the sale of Raider Red Meats provides funds for judging teams, graduate student research and scholarships for students within the Department of Animal & Food Sciences at Texas Tech.



Raider Red Meats' true mission is much larger than offering the highest quality steak.  Promoting servant hood through meat sales signifies our true passion.  Students not only obtain academic knowledge while at Texas Tech, they are exposed to a business model that serves as the catalyst in helping other individuals in need outside our family.
When you buy products from Raider Red Meats, you not only support students in their pursuit of excellence and success, but supporting individuals who may not be able to meet their needs in the local community. 



The Meat Science Program at Texas Tech is known for excellence. The tradition of giving back to the program began more than 30 years ago. Today, students continue this tradition. They volunteer to serve others in the local community and raise money to fund travel to research conferences and meat judging competitions. Texas Tech boasts one of the most dominate meat judging programs in the nation. Since 2000, Tech has won more than 50% of national meat judging contests. They boast a total of nine national championships (2011, 2009, 2008, 2003, 1999, 1997, 1996, 1991, 1989).



Premium Beef

USDA Prime Beef is in a class by itself!  Prime Beef represents only the top 2% of the beef market.  Raider Red Meats is one of the only retail outlets within 350 miles of Lubbock that offers customers USDA Prime beef. 



Our steaks are hand-selected and heavily aged from the top 7% of the beef market. This selection ensures a consistent, high quality eating experience every time! If you are not satisfied with your steak purchase, bring back the product and we will happily refund your money or exchange it for another item.


Wet Aged

From our Black Label Ribeyes to our USDA Prime Strips, each Raider Red Meats' steak is aged a minimum of 30 days for enhanced beef flavor and tenderness.  Wet aged beef remains sealed in a cryovac bag and stored in a 36° - 38° environment during the aging process.  Aging creates consistency and consistency creates happy a customers!


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