Texas Tech University

M.S. Non-Thesis

Master of Science (MS) in Wildlife, Aquatic, and Wildlands Science and Management

We offer two kinds of M.S. programs: thesis and non-thesis.

Non-Thesis M.S.

The Non-Thesis M.S. in Wildlife, Aquatic, and Wildlands Science and Management is a more in-depth exploration of what science is and how it is used in the natural resources fields. The customized coursework is designed to enhance training and skills for management and career-related jobs. The student's role is to attain a more thorough understanding of how science is used to address natural resource problems.

Non-thesis Master's students will be required to complete at least 36 graduate credit hours in Natural Resources Management, including some specific required courses. Non-thesis students will choose a major professor, establish a graduate committee, develop a degree plan, and submit it for approval by the Department Graduate Advisor and the Dean of the Graduate School.

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