Texas Tech University

M.S. Thesis

Master of Science (MS) in Wildlife, Aquatic, and Wildlands Science and Management

We offer two kinds of M.S. programs: thesis and non-thesis.

Thesis M.S.

Thesis Master's students take a preliminary assessment examination (oral or written or both) as early as possible upon beginning graduate work. This examination will serve as the basis for further counseling of the applicant and for the development of the student's program for the M.S. thesis degree plan. Within their first semester, M.S. thesis students must choose, with advice and mutual consent of their major professor, a graduate committee. Thesis students will develop a research proposal for review and approval by their graduate committee and outline a degree plan of proposed coursework that will meet committee, Departmental Graduate Advisor, and Graduate School requirements.

Under supervision of their major professors, thesis M.S. students will define a research problem and write a detailed proposal, including a title, a statement of the problem and rationale for gathering original research data, a statement of objectives including hypotheses to be tested, a review of the literature, and a detailed description of the design, data analysis, and procedures of the study.

Thesis M.S. students must have at least 24 hours of coursework as part of the 36 total hours required for the Master's degree. Course lists are subject to review and approval by the graduate committee and advisor.

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