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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 01.01: Preparation of Agenda for Board of Regents' Meetings

DATE: January 4, 2023

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to provide information and guidance to those individuals and offices involved in preparing the agenda for meetings of the Board of Regents. This document seeks to:

Provide a timetable of events to ensure timely performance of required tasks;

Achieve consistency and standardization in style and presentation of agenda material to the Board;

Facilitate the preparation of minutes of Board meetings for record purposes;

Organize the agenda so that the Board can systematically and efficiently conduct Board business; and

 Outline responsibilities to those individuals of the administration who share the responsibility for Board meeting preparation.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in November of even-numbered years by the Executive Secretary to the Board and the President of TTU with substantive revisions presented to the Chancellor.


1.  Policy

Section 01.02, The Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents of the Texas Tech University System, sets forth the number, frequency, order of business, committee structure, and rules of order for Board meetings. The Chair of the Board approves the agenda.

2.  Procedures

a.   The Chancellor is responsible for, and is the final approving authority for, all items recommended by administration to the Chair of the Board of Regents as agenda items for a meeting. All requested agenda subjects from any entity or individual in Texas Tech University must be routed through the President of Texas Tech University and then through the Chancellor.

b.   Members of the President's staff and other individuals designated by the President are responsible for assisting the President in developing agenda items in their respective areas of jurisdiction to ensure Board consideration and action as required. This responsibility includes all the administrative actions connected with the proper submission and preparation of background and support information of the subject matter.

c.   The President or his/her designee is responsible for serving as a coordinating point for collection of agenda materials and its organization for consideration by the President prior to submission for inclusion in the agenda book. In addition, the President or his/her designee is to maintain the required liaison with the Office of the Board of Regents to facilitate the cooperative effort required to prepare for Board meetings.

d.   The Vice Chancellor and General Counsel is responsible for review of legal considerations of all items on the Chancellor's suggested agenda before it is sent to the Chair of the Board of Regents for approval.

3.  General Instructions

a.   The preparation for a Board meeting begins approximately eight weeks in advance of that meeting. At this time, the Secretary of the Board is responsible for providing the President and appropriate staff designated by the President with a schedule for activities and dates for compiling a proposed agenda for the President to consider and subsequently submit to the Chancellor to present to the Board Chair for approval. The normal sequence of these preparatory steps is depicted in Attachment A. Individual meetings may require slight changes.

b.    Attachment B provides information to assist in handling agenda items, and Attachments C and D provide the format to be followed.

c.   At a scheduled Agenda Book Meeting, the President and appropriate staff designated by the President will review all the proposed items for the purpose of compiling an agenda for the Chancellor to submit to the Chair of the Board for approval. When the Chair of the Board approves (or modifies) the Chancellor's recommended agenda, final agenda items will be sent to the Office of the Board of Regents (as outlined in Attachment A) for completion of the administrative details of publication and distribution to Board members.


Attachment A: Schedule of Events for Board Meeting Preparation

Attachment B: General Information for Board Meeting Preparation

Attachment C: Agenda Item Format Description

Attachment C-1: Agenda Item - Consent Agenda

Attachment D: Agenda Item - Sample

Attachment D-1: Consent Agenda Item - Sample

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