Texas Tech University



Yelbir Kazhykarim


Graduate Student

I'm just a grad student trying to make a small contribution to science. Small for one man, of course. But a great leap for humanity. More seriously, I'm currently involved in testing detectors for HGCAL experiment in LHC and am starting to learn data analysis techniques used in the CMS experiment. Why am I here? First, I love physics. Second, I believe there was nothing more important in human history than the realization that everything in the world obeys precise mathematical rules, also called ‘the laws of physics'. In the past I was an engineer and an artist, painting and making sculptures. These days in my spare time I do BJJ and dabble in philosophy of science and free will.


Aaron Mankel


Graduate Student

I am a graduate student within the TTU Physics department's High energy physics group. My interests currently focus on Data analysis, and I am looking to branch into hardware. For the data analysis, I have done research on why reconstruction of simulated events is not functioning properly. I have also been working with the Jet/Met validation group, which was established to observe changes made to CMSSW releases and when updates and improvements are made. During the next year, we will begin doing validations that result from new data collected by CMS.



Odin Schneider (He/Him)


Junior, Physics and Mathematics

I am Odin Schneider, born in Lubbock and majoring in professional physics and mathematics. At the APD lab I work with Monte Carlo simulations and 3D prints, designing hardware for our detectors. I joined the group at CERN to test new electronics and detector designs. Before coming to Texas Tech I went to high school in Germany, finishing my Abitur and gathering international experience. Outside of class, I enjoy cycling and often undertake bikepacking trips.


Julian Sewell (He/Him)


Senior, Physics

My name is Julian Sewell and I'm from Canyon, Texas. I am a fourth year undergraduate at TTU studying math and physics. So far at the APD lab, I have done work with printed circuit board design and machine learning algorithm studies. I have also done a lot of work developing code for the ROOT software developed by CERN. Outside of my research and studying, I enjoy hobbies such as reading, playing guitar, or skateboarding.


Xander Delashaw (He/Him)


Freshman, Physics

I was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, and am currently an undergraduate at TTU majoring in physics with a professional concentration. I became a member of the APD Lab in the spring of 2023. My responsibilities include assisting with the detectors and developing code for data analysis. I am passionate about High Energy physics and envision a future working in this field. In my leisure, I enjoy 3D modeling and printing gadgets. Additionally, I enjoy reading, primarily focusing on physics and cosmology literature.


Abhinav Gupta (He/Him)


Computer Science

I am Abhinav Raj Gupta, an international student from Nepal majoring in Computer Science at Texas Tech. I have been a part of the APD Lab since October 2022. Currently, I work with Dr. Kamal Lamichhane and Dr. Nural Akchurin on Quality Control of Silicon Particle Detectors, whereby we use object detection technique to find anomalies in the Silicon detectors. I have enjoyed my work so far in the APD Lab, and I am grateful to all my professors and supervisors who gave me this opportunity to learn, grow, and develop. In my free time, I usually play Soccer, Cricket, and Tennis to stay on top of my physical fitness. I also love watching crime thriller and horror movies in my free time.


Cristobal Moreno (He/Him)


Senior, Physics

I am from Roma, Texas and graduated from Roma High School in 2017. I came to Texas Tech University in the Fall of 2017 to acquire a degree in physics and gain research experience. In the Spring of 2018, I joined the High Energy Physics (HEP) at TTU and started working on the Muon Tomography Project under Dr. Kunori and Dr. Akchurin. In my free time I usually do one of the following: play video games, learn about what is going on in the computer hardware space, or learn about the lore of specific videogame/movie franchises. I take part in e-sports and speed running when time permits.




  • Clive Binu, B.S. (2023), Ph.D. Student at RIT (Astrophysics)


  • Madison Howard, B.S. (2022), Ph.D. Student at Caltech (Particle Physics)
  • Katrina Webb, B.S. (2022), Ph.D. Student at TTU
  • Victor Bradley, B.S. (2022), Ph.D. Student at TTU (Condensed Matter)
  • Alan Chavez, B.S. (2022), Embedded Systems Engineer at Skylark Wireless




    • William Milestone, B.S. (2019), PhD Student at TTU  (Electrical Engineering)
    • Federico De Guio, Postdoctoral Reseach Fellow (2015-2019), Assistant Professor at University of Milan