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Cross-Disciplinary Faculty Initiative

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The goals of the initiative are to increase awareness among faculty members about how to develop collaborations with colleagues and to reinforce a knowledge-sharing culture that nurtures new opportunities in research, teaching, and creative activity.

Promoting Cross-Disciplinary Faculty Collaborations in OneHealth Research Conference

Elize Bisanz

Tosha Dupras
Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Understanding Health in the Past - A Bioarchaeological Perspective.

Lauren Gollahon
Answering Big Questions in Microscopic Ways.

Kerk Kee
How a Science Gateway and an AI Chatbot Can help Medical Professionals Search for Health Information.

John Lawrence
Interdisciplinary, Collaborative Neuroscience: Connecting mind and brain across multi-level preclinical and human studies.

Danielle Levitt
Cross-Disciplinary Metabolic Health Research: A Skeletal Muscle Physiologist's Perspective.

Naima Moustaid-Moussa
Multidisciplinarity for Better Metabolic Health.

Ali Nejat
Promoting Health through Equitable Community Resilience.

David Sears
Developing an Online Dashboard for Music Radio Across the Globe.

Roman Taraban
The Long and Winding Road.

Travis Thompson
The Art of Mathematical Collaboration: Inspired Interdisciplinary Intelligence.

Sue Yang
Functional Diversity on Team Creativity: Behavioral and fNIRS Evidence.

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