Texas Tech University

Mace & College Banners

The Texas Tech University Mace

Commencement Mace

The Texas Tech University Presidential Mace is the symbolic staff of power and authority of the University. The mace is crowned by a flame symbolizing the Light of Knowledge. It is constructed of lathed and molded bronze that has been covered with a layer of 24K gold. The school crest is presented on either side directly under the flame. Hand-rubbed black walnut has been used for the connecting shafts.

The mace was designed by Robly A. Glover (pictured above carrying the mace), an Associate Professor of Art at Texas Tech University. Mr. Glover's artwork is shown throughout the United States. His work has recently been included in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.

The Texas Tech University Banners

Commencement Banners

Tech's banners are patterned after military, political, and economic guild insignia thousands of years old. Known as gonfalons today, they most closely resemble Renaissance Italian city-state flags individually designed by academic units in the university.

Faculty Banner

Faculty Banner

The Faculty Banner is predominantly red and black, the colors of Texas Tech University. It bears an image of the seal of Texas Tech University and was designed by William Ward Watkin in 1924. The shield itself is a black escutcheon quartered by a red cross bearing nine cotton bolls, which is symbolic of the importance of cotton to West Texas and evoking the university's original mission "to provide students with a thorough education in textiles and technical engineering."

The shield features emblems evoking community: in the upper left quadrant, a book, symbolic of Church as well as academic traditions; in the upper right a star evoking the Lone Star of the State of Texas; in the lower left a key, representing home; and in the lower right a lamp, the symbol of knowledge, representing academia. Above the shield, an eagle, the national bird of the United States, spreads its wings. Mindful of the claims of all these communities, the faculty of the university preserve, transmit, and create knowledge.

Davis College of Agricultural Sciences 

CASNR Banner

The Davis College of Agricultural Sciences is proud to be unveiling a new banner design in honor of the generous gift of Gordon W. Davis and Texas Tech's centennial year. The background of the banner is black, accented with scarlet chevrons and the Double T, representing Texas Tech University. The banner is bordered by maize, representing the agricultural disciplines. The placement of the maize indicates the foundational nature of our college as one of the four founding schools of Texas Tech. In the center of the banner is a globe flanked by stalks of wheat reflecting the global scope of modern agriculture and natural resources management. The new banner was designed by Maeley Herring and Tristin Campbell.

College of Architecture

Architecture Banner

The academic colors, purple and gold, are represented in the College of Architecture banner. The ionic column symbol references the architecture traditions.

The banner was designed by Bill Felty, a retired Associate Dean for the College of Architecture.

College of Arts & Sciences

Arts and Science Banner

Emblazoned with the red and black of Texas Tech University, the banner for the College of Arts & Sciences reflects its role as the largest and most diverse college in the university. Comprising sixteen departments, the prominently featured "A&S" characters intertwine to symbolize the integration of Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural and Physical Sciences, and Mathematics. As the largest of the original four schools, the College of Arts & Sciences stands at the center of the academic life of Texas Tech University by virtue of its contributions to the educational experience of every undergraduate student and its prominent role in graduate education and research.

Rawls College of Business

Business Administration Banner

The banner of the Rawls College of Business was a collaborative effort of the Undergraduate Services Center quite a while back. The official color is maize, which is the background color. Centered is a map of the world with a Double "T" over the countries. Below the world are the words, "Excellence in a Global Market".

The banner symbolizes the globalization of the business environment in the world today.

College of Education

Education Banner

The academic color, light blue, is represented in the College of Education banner. In the center is the traditional Double "T" representing Texas Tech University.

Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering

Engineering Banner

The banner of the Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering features the seal of the college set on a field of orange, the academic color for engineering.

The seal of the college, inspired by a 2009 design by chemical engineering student Unwana Essien, is encircled with a border of red, white, and black, symbolizing the spirit of Texas Tech University and the Red Raiders. The two stars represent the ethical duty of engineers to themselves and society. The four symbols in the center of the seal stand for the foundations of engineering:

  • The light bulb, surrounded by the ribbon and questions, represents the inspiration of engineers to answer questions and solve problems.
  • The square globe represents the engineer's work as building blocks for the world.
  • The hammer and screwdriver represent the practical application of the engineer's work.
  • The atomic figure surrounding the beaker represents the confluence of math, science, and technology in the mind of the engineer.

Graduate School

Graduate School Banner

The Graduate School banner has a dark blue background with a lighter blue circle around a white circle. Inside the white circle is an open gold book and a gold burning lamp design. The open book symbolizes knowledge and the burning lamp symbolizes a light to study by.

The Graduate School banner was designed by Dr. Thomas Langford and Ms. Peggy Edmonson.

Honors College

Honors Banner

The Honors College banner is light blue, a traditional color associated with the Honors program at Texas Tech University. On it is placed a dark blue silhouette of the bell tower on the administration building, an icon for the university. Superimposed on the bell tower is the birds image taking flight from a book, symbolizing how learning allows imagination and creativity to take flight.

This is the traditional image of the Texas Tech University Honors Program/College. This image is done in gold. Finally, in white letters, the words "University Honors College" are emblazoned at the bottom.

College of Human Sciences

Human Sciences Banner

The College of Human Sciences banner was redesigned in 2016 and adapted from an original design by former faculty member Dr. Ben Goh.

The design depicts an adult, an adolescent, and a child. The range of faces and ages represent the families and communities our programs serve in the mission to improve and enhance human lives through teaching, research, and outreach.

The image of the globe represents our goal to not only serve the lives of those in our local community, but to also connect with the global community.

College of Media and Communication

Media And Communication Banner

Communication is more than just sharing information; it's the electrifying pulse that ignites connections. Imagine waves of knowledge surging outward from a single epicenter – a lone voice resonating with the masses. Clear communication forever tethers its audience. Each wave of insight is firmly rooted yet reaches upward and beyond with boundless effect.

This banner represents the evolution of the College of Media & Communication, founded in 2004, and pays homage to its founding as a department in 1970 with journalism, advertising, and telecommunications as initial majors. In striking red, we find the pulse of truth, an essential personal possession for graduates. The white symbolizes purity and integrity, tenets critical for future communications.

This emblem is a gateway to a world where knowledge flows boundlessly, a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence in the College of Media & Communication.

College of Visual & Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts Banner

The College of Visual & Performing Arts banner is black with a blue drape surmounted by a silver swathe that evokes the creative energy infused in all the arts. The top of the banner features the words “College of Visual & Performing Arts” in silver, linked by a dynamic red ampersand representing the merging of three departments into the college.

Centered in the banner is the college's original award-winning logo designed by the Price Group in 2002, the same year the college was founded. The logo is a circle divided into three sectors, each representing one of the three units of the college: a blue eye for the School of Art, a red lyre for the School of Music, and a golden spotlight for the Department of Theatre & Dance. All three artistic icons are encased by a circular banner which reads, “Texas Tech University.” The shape of the banner was selected through a student competition, and the banner was made by personnel in the Costume Shop of the Department of Theatre & Dance.