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 Proposal Development

I would like to think that the best idea gets funding. But sometimes, it's the best written proposal that gets funding. You might have a fantastic concept, but the ORDC has the experience and the resources to write great grant proposals. Use them.

- Siva Sureshwaran, USDA-NIFA Division Director

Proposal Writing Resources

We offer early-stage proposal development assistance for large-scale, center-like proposals, and new faculty or first time submissions by:

  • Developing timelines, checklists and managing the proposal development process.
  • Organizing, managing and attending team meetings.
  • Assisting with coordination and communication between the project team and the Office of Research Services (ORS), as well as the project team and external partners.
  • Providing high-level proposal review and feedback to ensure that all of the sponsor requirements are met.
  • Connecting faculty with editors knowledgeable in grant writing to assess the readability, clarity, and organization of the proposal (granteditor.vpr@ttu.edu).
  • Assisting with resubmissions by reviewing agency evaluations and providing feedback to adapt and modify proposals to be more competitive.

The grant editors are outstanding and respond in a very timely manner. 

- Texas Tech faculty member

Grant Writing Resource Center Library

Full-text narratives of more than 500 successful proposals. These proposals span almost every discipline, from the arts to the sciences. Search by discipline, funder, or project element. Funders include federal agencies, philanthropic, corporate, and international funders.

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Crafting Better Proposals Using the Heilmeier Catechism

George H. Heilmeier, a former director of DARPA director, crafted a set of questions known as the "Heilmeier Catechism" to help Agency officials think through and evaluate proposed research programs. The same set of criteria can be used to create better and more competitive proposals. Watch the video and view the transcript here >>

Proposal Development Metrics

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