Texas Tech University

Faculty Writing Groups

Welcome to the Office of Research Development & Communications (ORDC) Writing Group! 

This community was created in 2020 in response to a need for Texas Tech (TTU) research faculty to have scheduled time dedicated to engaging in grant writing meetings with ongoing peer support. Since its inception, it quickly grew from one writing group to two each semester, with different focuses. For more information regarding the two focused groups, see below. In the past we have also held an 8-week summer writing group session. However, ORDC is taking a break summer 2023 to rethink the mission and vision of these groups in an effort to continue providing top tier support for TTU's writing communities, and specifically for those participating in active grant writing.

Fall 2024 Faculty Research Writing Group is Open!

Session breakdown

  • Each 2-hour session is led by an ORDC moderator with support and guidance from OR&I leadership. 
    • The moderator will be available during the meetings for any questions.
      • The first 10-15 minutes include an informal discussion of goals, current projects, questions for the group, research milestones successes, etc.
      • Followed by 100 minutes of dedicated writing
      • The last 10-15 minutes include an informal discussion of progress and strategies, barriers, continued peer support, etc. 
    • The Writing Group occasionally hosts speakers during the opening timeframe. Past speakers have included Drs. Alice Young (OR&I AVP), Jessica Spott (STEM CORE). CassiDe Street (HRPP Director) among many others. 

Keys to successful participation

  • Adhere to the principles discussed on the first day (e.g., respect, support, nurture, affirm, focus on solutions, engage in non-competitive dialogue, value different perspectives, etc.) 
  • Attend weekly for the entire session (please notify ORDC if something comes up and you are unable to attend) 
  • Work on proposal/publication writing (i.e., no teaching, emails, etc.) 
  • Actively participate in discussion of goals (prior to the writing session), and discussion of accomplishments/challenges (immediately following the writing session) 
  • Complete final survey 
  • Remember that you are a valuable part of the community, and your feedback is valuable!

Faculty Feedback


“It is very helpful to have that time set aside to write each week. Goal-setting and reconvening at the end also helped hold me accountable. The moderator provided some really good resources for us, and several of the speakers highlighted useful resources as well.” 

“I submitted a proposal to NIA that I worked on a lot during last semester's writing group; it was submitted in January and will be reviewed in June. Submitted 2 proposals to NSCA in February, currently under review. I completed revisions for a manuscript previously submitted to the International Journal of Sports Physiology & Performance, and have since had that paper accepted. Currently working on a manuscript that I intend to submit at a later date.”

“I really enjoyed the format and set up. Good to learn about services on campus, also overall very friendly and conducive to working.” 

“The camaraderie was very helpful – it is a supportive environment.”