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Research Career Mapping

This thoughtful exercise will help you visualize your future success and uncover the steps to get you there!



Our Swift Critique Appraisal & Notation sessions provide a high-level review of pre-proposals ensuring they align with agency guidelines. We also help strategize for a successful resubmission.


Proposal Development

We offer assistance from inception to submission. For larger proposals we also help with project management of the various pieces that must come together for a successful proposal.



Grant Editors

Our grant editors have years of experience reading and editing proposals. They can provide an extra set of eyes to proof and edit your proposal for clarity and flow prior to submission.


Graphics Assistance

We offer consultation for faculty members across campus to improve and create graphics for grant proposals, publications, and journal cover art.


Success Takes Time

The services and times listed can help you plan your proposal development process and maximize the help you can receive. 

  2+ Months 2 - 4 Weeks 1 Week
Proposal Development    
Research Career Mapping    
SCAN Session  
Graphics ••
Grant Editors ••
•• These services may have limited availability during this time frame.