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Here you can watch videos produced by the Office of Research & Innovation focused on research development, with a variety that includes tutorials, workshops, advice from peer faculty members, and recommendations for working on proposals.

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Funding Institutional Videos

Funding Institutional: Exploring Opportunities

New to Funding Institutional? Learn how to make an account and explore funding opportunities!

Workshop & Presentation Videos

NASA's Return to the Moon: An Overview for TTU Leadership by Dr. Ginger Kerrick

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Working with Program Officers: NSF Funding & Programs with Dr. John Weishampel

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Working with Program Officers: NIH Research Grants with Dr. Liliana Brown

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NSF CAREER Workshop, April 2020

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Research Leadership Discussion Presentation, February 2018

Presentation by Dr. Joseph A. Heppert, Vice President for Research at Texas Tech University. Held February 28, 2018.

Peer Guidance Videos

Continuing the Work: Writing & Researching During the Pandemic

Three Texas Tech faculty members discuss how they've been able to continue writing and researching and offer some suggestions on working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finding Focus: Writing & Researching During the Pandemic

Three Texas Tech researchers describe what they do to maintain focus and productivity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Increasing Importance: Writing & Researching During the Pandemic

Three Texas Tech researchers explain why research is especially important in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inside Agency Culture: Jaclyn Cañas-Carrell on the National Science Foundation

Jaclyn Cañas-Carrell, professor of analytical toxicology and environmental chemistry and director of STEM CORE, offers advice on working with the NSF.

Inside Agency Culture: Harvinder Gill on the National Institutes of Health

Harvinder Gill, associate professor of chemical engineering and Whitacre Endowed Chair of Science and Engineering, shares some tips on working with the NIH.

Inside Agency Culture: Abigail Swingen on the National Endowment of Humanities

Abigail Swingen, associate professor of history and associate vice president in the Office of Research & Innovation, gives some guidance working with the NEH.

Inside Agency Culture: Michael Ballou on the United States Department of Agriculture

Michael Ballou, associate professor of ruminant nutrition and immunology and Associate Dean for Research, provides some suggestions on working with the USDA.

Proposal Development Videos

Why Wait for the RFP? Crafting a Concept Paper for Fast Feedback

Part 1
Did you know that 50 percent of NSF and 80 percent of NIH funding is awarded through unsolicited, investigator-initiated proposals? Funders want to fund good research, no matter how they learn about it. Download the template or view the transcript here >>

Part 2
The first step in receiving unsolicited funding for a research project begins with a concept paper. Download the template or view transcript here >>

Part 3
Writing your concept paper doesn't have to be intimidating. Remember these tips as you work through the process to get to the final product. View the transcript here >>

Crafting Better Proposals Using the Heilmeier Catechism

George H. Heilmeier, a former director of DARPA director, crafted a set of questions known as the "Heilmeier Catechism" to help Agency officials think through and evaluate proposed research programs. The same set of criteria can be used to create better and more competitive proposals. View the transcript here >>

Interacting with Program Officers

Part 1
Developing relationships with program officers is extremely important. It is the key to success for both established and early-career faculty. Not only does it raise the profile of Texas Tech at the federal agencies but it also increases program officer knowledge of faculty expertise. View the transcript here >>

Part 2
Now that you've scored a phone call or in-person meeting, this video focuses on the program officer's expectations and share some advice on questions for the program officer. View the transcript here >>

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