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What to Expect

Color Groups

Red Raider Campers are divided into five color groups (blue, green, orange, purple and yellow) and will be led by a color group counselor.

During camp, each color group will spend time getting to know each other though Camp Times and Small Group Activities and will compete against the other color groups in spirit competitions, kick-ball and volleyball tournaments and more! If you have any gear (hats, shoes, shorts, etc.) to show off your color group spirit, be sure to bring it with you to camp.

One week prior to your scheduled Red Raider Camp session, you will receive a reminder email with final important information to help you prepare for camp, including your color group assignment.

These color groups help provide opportunities to make friends and build a support network with the small group and Red Raider Camp Counselors. Though the color teams are an important part of Red Raider Camp, there is still plenty of opportunity to meet others outside your color group through large group activities, meals, and free time!



At Red Raider Camp you will experience a variety of activities. Each is specifically designed to get you ready for an exciting first year at Texas Tech. 

Small Group Camp Times

Small Group Times

Get to know your small group and get ready for a little friendly competition with the other groups.  Your two counselors are experienced Red Raiders ready to answer all your questions.

Large Group Activities

Large Group Activities

Start connecting with others at Red Raider Camp! Find out who is in your major or residence hall with fun group activities.

Sports Competitions

Sport Competitions

Get into a little friendly competition with kickball and volleyball tournaments. Play with your color group or make your own team! 

History and Traditions Skits

History & Traditions Skits

Learn the unique history & traditions of Texas Tech and be entertained by the RRC Staff.

Pool Party

Pool Party

Time to cool off from that hot Texas summer sun.

Ropes Course

Ropes Course

Challenge yourself and your group to a series of team-building elements designed to enrich your experience.  Closed toed shoes are required for the Ropes Course.

High Ropes

Free Time 

Enjoy some time relaxing with your fellow Red Raiders at the pool, high ropes course, and more!

Raider Relay

Raider Relay

Does your group have what it takes to win the ultimate team competition? Find out here.


Polos and Pearl Snaps

Time to ‘get down' Tech style. Make sure you bring an outfit for the dance! 


Wreck 'Em Rally

Here's your chance to get fired up about being the newest Red Raiders!

Ring Ceremony

Ring Ceremony

One of Texas Tech's most honored traditions is it's class ring.  You'll receive a ring that symbolizes your completion of camp, just as your senior ring will symbolize your graduation in four short years.