Texas Tech University

About SAB

Our Mission

The Student Activities Board, SAB, is committed to hosting FREE STUDENT EVENTS that contribute to each student's individual experience at Texas Tech University.

Our Purpose

The Student Activities Board strives to be responsive to student interest, with a goal of encouraging campus community and unity at Texas Tech through exciting, relevant, engaging, and entertaining events. The Student Activities Board looks to bring the best local, college, and national entertainment and educational programs to Texas Tech University. Within the organization, SAB provides students with leadership training and hands-on learning through membership and leadership opportunities on the board. SAB offers free events to students with a TTU student ID.

Our Values

The Student Activities Board at Texas Tech values:

  • Collaboration: Working together to provide the best events
  • Accountability: Taking responsibility for our actions, results, and commitments
  • Excellence: Striving for quality results
  • Education: Academic integrity, in and outside of the classroom
  • Talents and Gifts: Valuing all members of SAB and their individual strengths
  • Leadership Development: Lead and enhance individual skills

SAB Constitution

SAB Structure 


Email us at sab@ttu.edu.