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Q: When is the TTAP application deadline?

A: Applications for the Fall 2021 semester must be submitted by August 2, 2021. No new TTAP applications will be accepted after August 2. All pending TTAP applicants must submit documentation (TSI scores, transcripts, etc.) to Admissions no later than August 9 to be considered for TTAP admission.

Q: I have updated TSI scores demonstrating compliancy in one or more areas. Where can I send these scores?

A: You can send these scores to admissions processing . Use the subject line “Updated TSI Scores for TTAP Applicant.” Be sure to include your name and R# in the body of the e-mail to expedite processing. You will also need to submit these scores to SPC by e-mailing them to admissions@southplainscollege.edu.

Q: If I submit my application materials to TTU, will they automatically be submitted to SPC, too?

A: No, you must submit all of the application materials to TTU and SPC separately. Review the Requirements page for more information.


Q: Can I participate in TTAP if I did not successfully complete the Gateway program?

A: If you withdrew from Gateway program prior to the census date, then you would still be eligible to participate in TTAP.

Q: What if I signed up to participate in the Gateway program but withdrew from it? Would I still be eligible for TTAP?

A: As long as you did not receive a grade for a college course through the Gateway program, you would still be eligible to participate in TTAP. If you withdrew from Gateway program prior to receiving a grade in the class and before the census date, then you would still be eligible to participate in TTAP.

Q: Can I take a summer course after I have been admitted to TTAP?

A: No, you cannot take a summer course once you have been admitted to TTAP because the program is designed for students who have not completed or attempted post-high school college coursework.

Q: If I have completed dual credit through high school, will I still be eligible for TTAP admission?

A: Yes, but you must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA to transfer to Texas Tech after your TTAP semester, which means that dual credit grades will be factored into the GPA that Admissions will evaluate to determine transfer eligibility. So, if the dual credit GPA makes earning a 2.5 cumulative GPA impossible, then you would not be eligible to participate in TTAP.

Q: Are transfer students eligible for admission to TTAP?

A: Since TTAP is designed specifically for true first-year students who have not completed or attempted post-high school college coursework, transfer students are not eligible for TTAP admission.

Q: If I took a “gap year” or other significant time away from school after high school, am I still eligible for TTAP?

A: As long as you did not receive a grade for a college course after high school, then you would still be eligible for admission to TTAP.

Q: I don't have a high school diploma. Can I still be in TTAP?

A: Yes, as long as you have a high school diploma equivalent, such as a GED.

Q: How long is TTAP?

A: TTAP is a Fall-only program. Students who successfully complete TTAP requirements will be eligible to transfer to TTU in the Spring 2021 semester.

Q:I have 30 or more hours of dual credit. Can I still participate in TTAP?

A:Students with 30 or more dual credit hours will be ineligible to participate in TTAP. Students with 29 or fewer dual credit hours will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine TTAP eligibility.

TSI Compliance

Q: If I am not TSI compliant in Reading and Writing, can I still participate in TTAP?

A: TTAP does not offer developmental courses in Reading and Writing; thus, you must be Reading and Writing compliant to be eligible for TTAP admissions.

Q: If I am not TSI compliant in Math, can I still participate in TTAP?

A: Yes, you can still be eligible for TTAP admissions if you are not TSI compliant in Math. You will be required to take MATH 1314 College Algebra along with MATH 0314, a non-credit developmental mathematics lab.


Q: What type of classes are offered?

A: TTAP offers Texas Core Curriculum classes that will transfer and apply to most majors at Texas Tech. These courses include: US History, Public Speaking, College Algebra, World Regional Geography, English, Humanities, and Music Appreciation.

Q: How many hours am I required to take?

A: You will take 13 hours of courses during the Fall semester. This translates to four 3-hour classes and a 1-hour class.

Q: What is the 1-hour class I am required to take?

A: It is called “TTAP 1101: TTAP Academic Strategies.” The class is designed to teach you how to be a self-directed college student to facilitate your transition to college.

Campus Life

Q: Can I rush?

A: Greek Life requires that students be full-time TTU students. Because TTAP students are enrolled in only 1 TTU hour and are full-time South Plains College students, they cannot participate in Greek life during their TTAP semester.

Q: Can I participate in other student organizations at TTU?

A: Yes, we encourage students to find organizations around campus so that they can feel a sense of belonging within the TTU community. You can research student organizations using TechConnect.

Q: Do I have to live in the dorms?

A: Yes, TTAP follows the Texas Tech standard for living arrangements. For more information, contact University Housing.

Q: When I can sign up for housing?

A: TTAP students can register for Housing beginning April 1st.

Q: Will I be living and taking my classes at South Plains College?

A: No, you will be living and taking all of your courses on the Texas Tech campus.

Q: Can I attend TTU athletic events?

A: Yes, TTAP students can attend TTU athletic events. At your TTAP Orientation, you can complete an “Elect to Pay” form that will allow you to pay the athletic fee, which, in turn, will allow you to attend TTU athletic events.

Financial Aid and Payment

Q: Where do I pay tuition and room/board?

A: You will pay SPC for your course tuition and you will pay Texas Tech for your TTAP 1101 class, room/board, and fees. You can find more information about SPC's financial aid on their website.


Q: Where do I send my FAFSA form and other financial aid documents?

A: You will send all of these financial aid documents to South Plains College. All financial aid will be dispersed through South Plains College. TTAP students typically will use their SPC financial aid refund to pay their TTU bill.

Q: While I'm waiting for my SPC refund, how do I avoid being dropped from my TTU course for nonpayment?

A: If you do not intend to pay for your TTU bill out of pocket, you can enroll in a payment plan while you wait for your SPC financial aid refund to be dispersed. You can read more about TTU payment plans on the SBS website.

Q: Can I use a third party loan to pay for my SPC and TTU bills?

A: No. SPC and TTU do not certify private third-party loans for TTAP students.


Q: What are the dates for 2021 orientation?

A: The dates are:

  • July 30th
  • August 12th 

TTAP orientations are one-day events and will be held virtually this summer. TTAP orientations are separate events from Red Raider Orientation.  TTAP students do not attend Red Raider Orientation. Students will also meet individually with TTAP staff after their group orientation date. This will also be a virtual meeting.

Q: How can I register for orientation?

A: You can register for orientation here. Please register only after you have been admitted to TTAP.

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