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britton gallardo Britton Gallardo

"I was a student in TTAP during the Fall 2012 semester. I learned a tremendous amount of valuable lessons from the continued guidance from advisors and professors at South Plains College. Being able to get a second chance at being accepted into a major university was incredible. The advisors really helped me transition from high school to college life. I can proudly say now that without that guidance I would not have been able to gain admission into Texas Tech University and earn both my Bachelor's degree and my Master's degree. I am forever grateful for all that TTAP has done for me."

reagan wrightReagan Wright

"This program has opened doors for me that I never even thought were possible. The friendships I have made in my time being here are ones that I know will last a lifetime and, for that, I am truly grateful. The people I have met in this program have proved to me that coming to Texas Tech was one of the best decisions I could've made. Being in this program, I have learned what it is like to become an adult. I have learned that if you set your mind to something, you can achieve it. Having to grow up and take on adult roles has been a huge adjustment, one that I feel will pay off in the long run. This program is preparing us students for what college classes are like and preparing us for the struggles we are going to encounter. For the future TTAP students, don't take anything for granted. Don't think you're too good to go to class and definitely don't think the information you need to learn will come naturally. Study hard and know that you aren't alone. There will definitely be struggles, but the outcome that is the result of all the hard work you have put into it is the real reward."



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