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The Government & Public Service Internship Program provide students with an invaluable, first-hand experience in government on a federal or state level. Learn more about the internship opportunities offered in Washington, D.C., Austin and Lubbock, Texas.

supreme court, Texas Tech Interns, Centennial Pic, the Capitol Dome Working in Washington D.C. The Government and Public Service Internship in Washington D.C. takes place every fall, spring, and summer semester. Interns are placed in office based on their interests in issues, experiences, knowledge and personality. These students work full-time in legislative offices and are considered an integral part of that staff.  More than 450 Texas Tech students have traveled to Washington D.C. as a part of this program. The program has gained the reputation of being one of the top collegiate internship programs on Capitol Hill.
The Government and Public Service Internship in Austin takes place in the spring semester of every odd-numbered year. Interns will live and work full-time in Austin for the duration of the legislative session and are selected for, typically six months, from January to June. Texas Tech has placed interns in Austin since the 81st Texas Legislative Session in 2009. The Austin internship program continues to grow and flourish with each session. Intern in House Chamber, Rotunda group pic, Texas Capitol Building, Tech Interns with Gov. Abbott
Tech's campus, Sen. Cornyn and Tech Intern, Rep. Arrington and Tech Intern, Downtown Lubbock Lubbock Information


The program's objective is to provide students who have an interest in government and public policy the opportunity to participate in public service by observing and contributing to the legislative process. The internship experience helps students understand the challenges and rewards of public life and helps develop their leadership skills.



Government & Public Service Internship Programs